From Val/ Valchio/ Valeright/ Valerage/ Valdy.

Thank you 29th, for the wild ride ❤

Stepping up wasn’t one of the easiest decisions to come to, neither was the journey that came after. There were many times where I lamented about JCRC taking up so much of my time, and complained about the amount of work, many times when I thought to myself, if I didn’t rerun then I wouldn’t have so much shit on my plate and having to struggle with juggling so many things at the same time. But looking back, I guess there are no regrets afterall because there’s so much more that I gained from this journey that made all the tough times worthwhile.

Right from the beginning, we didn’t have it easy. Even before the JCRC was formed, we were faced with questions whether we were capable enough and whether we were truly up for the challenge. Even forming a complete committee was a problem, but through it all, thank you to my partners in crime for going through this difficult period with me — To my fellow Top 4, we made it. Many criticisms thrown at us, concerns of how well this team can lead the hall. The journey wasn’t a smooth one, and there were many ups and downs, but we did it 29th ❤ I wouldn’t say that we did a fantastic job, but at least we completed this journey together as a team.

We started of as a group of strangers, and we came out of this journey with a new family. Thank you Hall 6 for supporting us through this journey despite our shortcomings! To everyone who has helped me in any way along my journey, be it big or small, thank you from the bottom of my heart. And to Qi, thank you for asking me to run alongside with you, for I have learned and gained so much from this, and grown to be a stronger person.

I love Hall 6!



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