Burn me down.
The clothes off my back.
The rhythm beyond
the counterattack.

Oh bless me,
oh be
my lionheart.

Oh -
build a boat
to carry me
through the rage
and sea

a vessel
set sail
cleaves a path
to infinity.

Oh hold me
and breathe -
be the sun
on the sea.
Be a lion, heart.

The fire
in the hearth
is a sun born in winter.
The earth
feels the blossom
as it ripens within her.

The fields
know the summer
when they’re covered in heather.
My heart knows its course
whatever the weather.

and true
is the call
is the vision.
I carry it all
and it’s all
in the rhythm
of this lion
and this heart.
It’s been clear
from the start.
Never together
and never apart.
Beating forever
in this lion heart.