Make a clearing

Remember, damn it.
Remember to make
a clearing.

Early morning.
Late September.
Autumn sun tips
gold fronds and
long grasses.

Nightfall in June.
Let the day settle -
warm and still.

A winter night
tucked in under
friendly cover.

Or any moment
where, through some
seed of wisdom comes
the impulse to take a breath
and make this current thread of life
into a space that might
give birth to spring again.

Remember, damn it.
Remember to make
a clearing.

This morning.
Again. Again.

Take rest and breathe.

Lie on the grass and weep
for all that has been
or ever will be

Lay down the hands that yearn
to struggle on and make
something from something
and give your very self to

Give yourself up
in leisurely abandon
to that sweetest chime
that signals you may
rest your mind and trust
in everything and — damn it -

make a clearing.