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Letter sent on Aug 30

Mellow Greetings, Citizen of Tomorrow,

Who would have guessed that there would eventually be more than a thousand of you. I certainly didn’t when I began to write this publication as a public drawer for my ideas. Thank you for reading, I really appreciate that.

As time is of the essence, I will try to not keep you long with this letter. I only wish to outline what this publication can become if you decide to join the conversation. As it stands, I’m mostly following my flights of fancy and write about anything that comes to my attention at the moment.

In case you haven’t been following long, this may include topics related to science, philosophy, education, politics, journalism, storytelling, gaming, and occasionally even weirder things like romance or astrology (from a scientific or philosophical point of view).

The point of this publication is what connects all of them — the future and our (in)ability to take control of it. If you’d like to know what my take is on any subject that falls under this incredibly broad umbrella, be sure to let me know (@Nartimar is also my Twitter handle). If you’d like me to publish your own article, be sure to let me know as well.

If you also happen to like science fiction, I’d recommend you to check out my other publication where you can find my original stories:


My sci-fi universe is actually designed for a 2D turn based 4X space strategy game that I’m currently developing with a friend of mine (the game design document is already over 100 pages). If you’re interested, we’re always looking for more programmers and artists to cooperate with.

Beyond games, I’’m also personally interested in cooperating on educational, philosophical, or scientific projects in the area of communication, narratology, game design, and other qualitative phenomena. Don’t hesitate to involve me if you’ve got something like that going on.

And finally, if you’d like to help me write more and eventually make this my job, you can always throw some change into my virtual tip jar — every penny counts.

Once again, thank you for reading my ramblings,