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Introducing … Braithwight the Wind Sprite

I was new on Medium. Words on the Wing was my spring board toward a delightful collection of flash fiction publications that put up prompts.

With all the characters in my head, I have at least ten stories available for birth at any one time. But I never know who will emerge as I put my pen to the paper.

I have imagined a conversation between them. Hagovi says, “Please, you first.” Norfinoof says, “I’m not quite ready. Harlod, you go.” Harlod looks at my pen and the prompt and shakes his head. “Maybe next time, dude.”

Braithwight seized the opportunity with a breath of fresh air! She is impetuous and free like the wind she rides. I had no idea she was in there before Fantasy Shorts asked for a character piece.

They held a contest. Write a compelling character.

“Right, you lot,” said I. “Who’s it going to be?”

Sometimes my stories are fully formed in a moment, but the characters are the best part. They require revelation, interaction between me, them and the circumstance of the story. They influence the plot and the setting to reveal themselves as they really are. I run them up trees, with bears running after them, in a hurricane, on Saturn just to see what they will do.

And you, dear reader, you too interact and reveal in your mind what these characters do and the way they look. In Braithwight’s story I say she has swirls like Irish hair. Your mind takes that image and does something no other mind can do, produces a picture no other mind can imagine. You are absolutely vital to us!

Your background, your attitude, your setting and present circumstances play with the character. You run that Irish hair up a tree. What kind of animal do you set loose? What is the weather? What planet? You watched Braithwight and Lovey and remembered your childhood. Have you asked the “never-never question” yet?

Braithwight turned out to be a compelling character to the judges of Fantasy Shorts’ Contest. She won! Well done Braithwight! Here, in all her glory, is her prize, a portrait drawn by the eminently talented Sarah Saiyara!

Braithwight the Wind Sprite drawn by Sarah Saiyara

Isn’t she gorgeous? Thank you Sarah! Thank you for bringing Braithwight to life.

Now you’ll have to excuse me. I have a crowd in here today. There are prompts to answer and fun to be had with … lets try tigers instead of bears today. Though you might enjoy the dragon in:

Or Braithwight’s fellow:

Leoshine, Princess Oracle is full of characters from my head. They get a much fuller treatment because there are several books in the series. Book One is coming soon! https://leoshine.micandpen.com/



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Nicola MacCameron

Are you creative? Everything I touch turns to art. Visual art, written, aural, tactile, you name it, I love it! Author of Leoshine, Princess Oracle.