The Tassanara Internet Treasure Hunt

Internet scavenger hunts are all the rage

Nicola MacCameron
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3 min readFeb 8, 2022


Wouldn’t you like one of these on your wall?

From the moment the first human stepped out to find dinner, and the first lover sought a mate, we’ve been hunting things.

We got a little more sophisticated when pirates buried gold in chests and drew maps that got handed down the generations.

Now we have this enormous storehouse of information and cat videos and crazy search engines that can narrow our search down to how many whiskers that marmalade cat had on the Thursday before it flipped out over the fake snake.

Teachers are using Internet Treasure Hunts to engage their students. What better way to learn history, geography, literature, or any subject based on facts?

Managers are using Internet Treasure Hunts to build workplace culture, moral, and community in their companies.

I am using the Tassanara Font developed by Travis Williams to build community around the Leoshine Series.

How does an internet treasure hunt work?

First you need treasure! What can’t you find on the internet? Some hunts center around trivia, some around finding objects in your home, or around your town. Some make you take hilarious selfies doing embarrassing things around your home.

Treasure #1 in The Tassanara Internet Treasure Hunt

Isn’t it beautiful? This image is created with the fantasy script Travis Williams gave Leoshine from a piece of wire. For the first Leoshine Internet Treasure Hunt Travis gave us the names of famous Canadian women in this amazing font and we hunted them on blogs all around the world. You can still participate! The names are still out there!

For the Tassanara Internet Treasure Hunt, we took place names from the Map of Myxolidia (Leoshine’s world) and put them on a background from the same map.

Second, you need hosts. Some hunts rely on search engines to find the treasure. I prefer something simple and elegant. Seven mystery bloggers have posted these gorgeous images on their websites.

Third you need hunters! That’s you! What have you hunted lately? Lunch? A lover? How about the cat’s whiskers?

You are invited to the Tassanara Internet Treasure Hunt! You have already found the first treasure in this article!

Once you have deciphered the place name on the image above using the Tassanara key, follow this link to the next treasure, decipher the place name there, and follow the link to the next treasure.

Read the blogs along the way! There is more treasure to this hunt than first meets the eye.

The last link will lead you to an Answer Form. Enter all the place names correctly and join the club of Leoshine’s fans!

Congratulations! And have fun! Tell your friends about it! Have a race to see who can complete the hunt first!

Step #1 Did you see the first Tassanara Treasure image above? Figure out what it says using the Tassanara Key.

Step #2 When you know what the treasure says, find the next treasure here.

Step #3 Go to all the blogs, collecting treasure along the way.

Step #4 The last link will lead you to the answer form. Fill in your answers and submit!

Step #5 Download, print, and proudly display your Tassanara Internet Treasure Hunt Participation Certificate!

Step #6 Buy the T-shirt so other fans can recognise you in the wild.

Step #7 Sign up for the party on Saturday, February 26th!

Endowing Treasure through Story. Giving you worth, helping you find value in who you already are, building a place where the real you can shine, grow, and flourish. That’s what I want to do with the Leoshine Series, and all the writing I do. You’ll find me doing that at and



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