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Writing Buddies: Stella & the Studio Cat

N. MacCameron and Stella

Stella Mercy

Stella’s mother is pure bred Labrador. Her father, the Great Pyrenees, visited the neighboring farm and left ten puppies behind!

I chose her by putting a food dish in the midst of the ten puppies. She was the first one in, proving that she was the most Lab-like.

I got her about a month after my brother died, so I added Mercy to her name.

She has two speeds: sensitive and affectionate, lay-around-the-house-sleeping; or bite your head off. I get the benefit of both. We walk in the wilderness near my house and I do not fear anything with her beside me.

When I write, she dreams at my feet. I wonder whether she sees my characters charging at dragons, or tumbling through tunnels, or partying ’til the dawn.

Hector the Studio Cat

When I am recording audiobooks, Hector lies in the corner, under all the clothes. Sometimes his purr is too rumbly and I have to kick him out.

When I am writing, he has a green cushion to lie on. He is a 14 year old Mackerel Tabby. He was born under a neighbor's deck and would crawl through the fence to visit our friend, Tracy. One day while he was visiting, his mother and siblings were picked up by the SPCA. Tracy kept him for a few years.

We needed a cat that would cuddle. Hector is not that cat. But he grows friendlier as he ages. He developed asthma this winter. He actually comes and asks for his inhaler twice a day. Maybe it’s because we give him lots of treats for taking his medicine.

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Nicola MacCameron

Are you creative? Everything I touch turns to art. Visual art, written, aural, tactile, you name it, I love it! Author of Leoshine, Princess Oracle.