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A Beautiful Tragedy to Life in Colour

How can you tell when a tragedy is so perpetually painful, yet so gloriously beautiful?

Photo by Linh Le on Unsplash

You cannot run from it, neither can you hide, hoping it would never catch on to you. It is a pitiful state of denial, and you must wake up before it’s too late. It will persistently linger around you, and haunt you the longer you deny its palpable existence. Like a shadow, it will follow you around wherever you go. So, why are you entertaining this tiresome tactic of distracting denial, believing that you are fixing the problem, when all you’re doing is digging a deeper hole of peril?

I’m talking to those of you who have gotten quite the experts at dismissing things that have upset you by shoving them into boxes and stashing them away at the back of your heads. Enough is enough.

Wake up.

Should you finally muster up the courage to reach into your mind and open these rattling boxes of rage, hurt and sadness, and truly wallow in their woeful attributes, perhaps you might finally see that there is a certain beauty that resonates within it. Something about its raw authenticity makes it so vulnerable, so precious, so … real and poetic.

Wake up.

How can you shy away from something that cries for help? Something that pleads to be seen, heard, and felt for it to actually get better?

Wake up!

As you drown in the tragedy’s sorrows, just remember that when you sink to the very bottom, there is a glimmering diamond waiting to be seen right at the core of every box — a revelation. It’s so soulfully bright, causing you to shed the tears of your reawakened soul, weeping as it takes its first breath after healing, ready to experience life with a new lens.

Life in colour.



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