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Life is Temporary

If we lose sight of who we are because of life’s temptations, then we have failed our memories.

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

Life, as we know it in all its glory, temptations and beauty, is temporary. We’re existing in this wondrous world for a couple of decades, and then it’s time for us to leave. Nothing was ever set in stone for anyone except their inevitable passing, and I can tell that people often forget this saddening truth. We are often distracted by the world and what it has to offer, that we usually forget that we are merely mortal beings, wandering the earth and awaiting our time.

We talk about our astounding ambitions, express resolute resilience, and make stubborn choices believing that we will live on for endless eternities. However, as bleak as it may sound, we are all mortal. There will come a time where we will meander off this life whether we want to depart it or not. There comes the callous claim that life goals mean nothing when eventually, you will leave it all behind. Does that mean that we ought to stop dreaming? Does that mean that we should halt our persistence to accomplish the greatest things in this life?

Of course not. As sullenly sad as it may seem, it is also a glorious gift to exist in this life. We have the freedom to fight for what we find valuable, and strive to attain success. However, we cannot let life’s gifts selfishly blind us from what actually matters. Treating others gently, speaking honestly, contributing to good deeds — this is what matters. That is what success is.

When you leave the world behind, all that lingers is your relations with those that still walk this earth. All that remains is what people think of who you were. A good word about you is worth a million more than your selfishly dishonest attainments of materialistic things. A smile slithering silently onto a person’s face at the remembrance of you is far more valuable than your promotion at work thanks to you tricking your colleagues. All that remains of you is a memory inside every soul you have touched.

If all that is left of us on this earth when we no longer exist in it is simply who we were as human beings, then I reckon we start being kinder and be the reason others smile, because that is what truly matters.



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