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Mellow respect

A bonfire of zest

Photo by Tiago Felipe Ferreira on Unsplash

We all pursue it

the healing is in it,

Panic is a doom

frees chance of a room,

With perfect time by

save a life from losing,

People talk about it

my typical presentation molested him,

He needs my empathy

I raise the walls for it,

A melody starts destruction

he yells his minute mistakes,

He desires more man

at least what he got ran,

My approval kills him

my worlds night haunts him,

An expression, an enchantment

if it constructs his attachment,

The reality is cruel

a well-written faith as fuel,

May I nod mistakes

my marks don’t overwhelm overtakes,

A mellow is achievable

it shakes the core desirable,

Respect is the core

a leap forecast self hardcore,

There is no delay

an enigma voice still relay,

His whole existence blood trail

my will is to cry over each drop,

My mourning is a presentation

what he endures after redemption.



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