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Revenge of the Sprout

A Christmas poem ~ on the lighter side of life

Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

I’m just a sprout
at the end of the world,
Nobody loves me
but they love a dressy bird.

Fix her up with cranberry
and make her seem divine,
I’m flying past the table
yet was meant to be a side.

I seldom get respect
All the adverts take the mickey,
A festive famous headline said,
‘It’s time to leave the country’.

I haven’t made you poorly,
So why don’t you like my green?
I’m cute with leafy texture
but they say I look obscene.

I’m rolled away in napkins
of the folks that are polite,
And some pretend they’re full
yet brandy pudding goes all right.

They’re knocking back the Merlot
or they’re shaking ice and lime,
But I will have my vengeance
in huge glasses of red wine.

Just when no one’s thinking
I’ll appear and swirl around,
Hosts will be embarrassed
Guests will toss me to the ground.

Some will spill the Merlot
as they stare down in surprise,
They thought that I’d go lightly
but I roll on with my life.

Some clothes will be ruined
You know Red is such a pain,
They’ll never get the stain out
I’ll be smug and right as rain.

So let this be a lesson
When next Christmas comes around,
You let me take the gravy
Ain’t nobody get me down!



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