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Uninspired Inspiration

It’s delusional how the world demands for you to constantly generate new ideas like a manufacturing machine stationed over a conveyor belt.

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

If it were possible, everyone’s lives would be a straight line graph with no fluctuations in performance. But alas, we are but mere, simple beings, bumping against each other in a world too small in comparison to the universe we’re floating in aimlessly within a mass of darkness.

My drought of inspiration, ironically enough, sparked a surge of inspiration within me to explore the concept of being uninspired. People often hold negative connotations about feeling uninspired, but I think it’s time we change that misleading perspective and shed some light on an alternative approach — one which we might all find helpful, and hopefully inspiring.

Let’s perceive the term “uninspired” as a menacingly-looking supervillain, hiding behind a ghastly, tattered cloak, and a limping figure. People would cower away in fear of the villain, and avoid this person at all costs. Now, get this plot twist: the supervillain behind this cloak is a new idea, begging to be released, but its preceding reputation is trapping it from willing anyone into giving it a chance to showcase its true colours to them.

How tragically wasteful is that?

A potential for a new approach is right under our noses, and we do nothing to pursue it. Feeling uninspired is your new idea hidden behind the preceding reputation of a morbid fate, and many of us fail to delve deeper into unmasking this villain. The treasure behind this mask is unbelievable, if only one were brave enough to look.

If we venture down the road of an uninspired phase, perhaps this period of time will allow us to discover a new perspective. Maybe you are having a writer’s block because you’ve been writing the same thing repeatedly but with different characters. Perhaps you’ve come up with the same four campaign ideas to your manager repeatedly, because you haven’t had the time to truly soak in the uninspiring period begging for its chance to shine. It could be possible that your students are spacing out in your class because you are refusing to adopt a new approach to teaching.

The irrational phobia of feeling uninspired is absolutely toxic to your creative space in your mind, because it is this very feeling of emptiness which will later spark some fresh ideas for you. We are so quick to run away from this feeling, that we are oblivious to the fact that we are missing out on the opportunity to potentially discover new abilities and techniques we never knew we had to begin with.

My uninspired phase inspired me to have a seat and consider why I hate feeling uninspired. Why is it shunned as a bleak fate, when it simply acts as a palette cleanser to your creative taste?

I am finding it a morbidly mundane fate to do the same thing each and every time, produce the same content each and every time, and stick to a routine. It’s time I break this cycle, and go on the adventurous road masked as a terrifying experience, holding excitingly new ideas and paths for me to explore.

If you find yourself feeling uninspired, perhaps this is your chance to retreat and see what new things you can explore to return your creative and lively spark.



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