15 NYC Enterprise Seed Startups to Watch in 2019

2018 was a great year for the enterprise tech startup community in New York City.

Our enterprise tech ecosystem was featured in a special TechCrunch report earlier this year and as we track every week in our Work-Bench Enterprise Weekly newsletter, NYC is on pace for nearly $2 billion in VC funding for enterprise startups in 2018 alone. This is impressive given that just 4 years ago, there was only $577M in VC funding raised for NYC enterprise startups.

While folks may be familiar with many of the later stage enterprise companies here in NYC — including DigitalOcean, Datadog, Sisense, Invision, Namely, Greenhouse (a few that we called out in the 2014 version of this post!) — we wanted to highlight some of the earlier stage companies that are on the rise in NYC.

Below are 15 enterprise seed startups in NYC to watch in the year to come.

AI / Machine Learning


AI.Reverie is a simulation platform that offers data and computer vision APIs to help businesses train and improve their machine learning algorithms. Investors include Resolute Ventures, Compound Ventures, and others.


Comet.ml lets data driven organizations track their code, experiments and results on ML projects while also optimizing model hyperparameters, model architecture and feature choices. Investors include Trilogy Equity Partners, Fathom Capital, Two Sigma Ventures, and others.


A data platform as a service, Narrator.ai helps companies take advantage of their existing data, by providing fully managed data pipeline and transformations, and a business intelligence tool for visualizing metrics, trends and customer actions. Investors include Flybridge Capital.

Dev Tools / Infrastructure


Timber is a logging system for applications and developers, that aggregates and structures logs across various languages and platforms. Investors include Notation Capital, NextView Ventures, FirstMark, and others.


Windmill is building a workflow tool that helps developers write code directly on Kubernetes and leverage modern server debugging tools with realtime feedback. Investors include Amplify, Boldstart, and Work-Bench.


Pandium helps developers easily develop, deploy, and support all of their integrations. Investors include Contour Ventures and Techstars.

Galactic Fog

Galatic Fog provides a common control plane for corporations to rapidly adopt, build and deploy cross cloud, enterprise scale FaaS, CaaS and other cloud native architectures, while providing audit, security and governance capabilities in both private and public clouds. Investors include Osage Venture Partners, Newark Venture Partners and Sand Hill East.



TwoSense uses behavioral biometrics on mobile devices to authenticate users for fraud protection. Investors include ERA.


Axonius enables IT and security teams to get a complete and accurate inventory of their assets so they can fully manage and secure their technology environment. Investors include Vertex Ventures Israel.


Concourse delivers a new operating model for enterprise cloud providing governance solutions for trust, security, and control enabling rapid and secure public cloud adoption. Investors include 83North, Capri Ventures, and Work-Bench.

Future of Work


Worklytics provides managers with continuous feedback by analyzing data from productivity tools like email, calendar, project management, and delivering actionable recommendations. Investors include Bowery Capital and Y Combinator.


Frame is a conversational intelligence platform to analyze customer emails and chat. Investors include FirstMark, Greycroft, and others.


Catalyst is a customer success platform to analyze product usage and user behavior to predict churn, increase product usage, and drive upsells. Investors include Work-Bench, True Ventures, and others.

Union Crate

Union Crate is a supply chain management platform that simplifies demand planning and daily operations for consumer goods companies. Investors include Susa Ventures, Bain Capital, and Laconia Capital Group.


Concert helps teams make better operational decisions by giving real-time financial analytics, starting with automating sales commissions payouts and ASC 606 accounting. Investors include Techstars.

*These companies are Work-Bench investments.

If you’re building an enterprise software startup, coming to NYC to sell to enterprise customers, or thinking about GTM and raising venture capital, we’d love to hear from you.