7 Habits of Highly Effective Executive Briefings

By Kelley Henry & Kelley Mak

Level Up Your Executive Briefings and Go-to-Market Strategy

As an enterprise technology venture capital fund in New York City, Work-Bench has worked with hundreds of early stage go-to-market enterprise startups to accelerate their Fortune 1000 customer acquisitions.

Executive Briefings are a valuable tool for the startups in our community to meet and connect with Fortune 1000 enterprise buyers. For enterprises, it’s a chance to evaluate relevant emerging startups that address new opportunities or solve pain points. For startups, these briefings are a foot in the door with a potential customer through a trusted partner who can help elevate you beyond the noise.

After hosting more than 150 executive briefings with enterprise technology buyers and observing thousands of startup pitches, we’ve noticed key patterns from many of our portfolio companies that lead to successful meetings, follow-up conversations, and in the best case, POCs and pilots. We created a playbook, 7 Habits of Highly Effective Executive Briefings, to serve as a guide to own the room and land your next enterprise customer.

Enterprise go-to-market is tough, but we hope these 7 tactical takeaways guide you towards owning the room and landing your next enterprise buyer. Is this top-of-mind for you and your startup? Reach out to us here at Work-Bench! We’d love to discuss other best practices and methodologies to help accelerate your sales process.

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