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Announcing Our Investment In SeeMetrics

Security metrics for everyone else

We’re excited to announce our investment in SeeMetrics’s $6M Seed round, alongside 8VC, Essence VC, AGP, and Verissimo Ventures.

SeeMetrics is a security portfolio management platform that consolidates all metric data from across the CISO organization, helping security teams monitor the performance and efficiency of their portfolio and provide actionable insight for stack optimization.

The Problem

With the rate of attacks and high profile security incidents, from the recent Okta hack to the Log4j vulnerability late last year, it’s not unusual for security leaders to get asked more and more often by their Board, fellow executives, and team members, “Does this affect us? Are we protected? How secure are we?” Unfortunately, pulling that information for reference is anything but easy or quick.

After conversations with many security leaders, it was clear that this is a huge challenge and stems from:

  • A cumbersome portfolio of security tools. There are a lot of security vendors and products in the market. As companies grow, either naturally or through acquisition, their tooling can quickly balloon and become tough to get a centralized view across everything.
  • No real-time, simple performance observability. Solutions in the market lack the ability to provide a holistic perspective and tend to be reactionary (GRC tools) or have limited access to strategic insights (SIEM).
  • Tough to translate metrics for a non-security audience. Today, security leaders struggle to transform security data into information that is accessible for a non-technical audience that ties to business objectives, risk, and revenue.
  • Manual processes. After surveying CISOs in our network, we found that the state-of-the-art solutions were customized spreadsheets and manual BI dashboards applied to a range of different standards which require lots of time, personnel, and resources to get right.

The Solution

The SeeMetrics platform unifies all metrics into a single source of truth, empowering CISOs and their teams with an easy-to-use and real-time view into their current operations.

Benefits include:

  • A consolidated view into all security systems to quickly identify solution coverage and gaps
  • Maturity analysis for tracking your security program against industry benchmarks and standards (e.g. NIST, ISO, and others)
  • Out-of-the-box metrics that can be shared and collaborated on with non-technical stakeholders
  • Informed decision making with actionable information on products, people, and budget

Going forward, we can expect security metrics to play an even larger role for security teams. Not only will it help improve effectiveness by enabling the tracking of performance progress over time, but it will also provide security leaders visibility into how their security budget is spent and which investments are paying off.

The Team

SeeMetrics is founded by Shirley Salzman, Mike Admon, and Shay Haluba and based in Israel. It wasn’t hard to see the massive vision the SeeMetrics team had for elevating security metrics after hearing about Mike’s long history as a security practitioner (most recently as CISO of Bright Machines) mixed with Shirley’s deep history in GTM and Shay’s engineering and R&D leadership.

On top of that, they’ve assembled a stellar team and are already seeing validation from several large early customers and design partners across Israel and the US, as well as industry advisors (including Jason Chan, ex-VP of Information Security at Netflix).

Here’s to a new era in security metrics. Congratulations to the SeeMetrics team! Read more about the company and their launch in TechCrunch.

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