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Datalogue x Nike

We’re excited to announce that Nike has acquired our Work-Bench portfolio company Datalogue!

After meeting Co-Founder & CEO Tim Delisle back in 2017, we spent a few great years working alongside each other as we housed the Datalogue team at our Work-Bench office.

Some fun memories from their journey include…

Their #NYETM demo in June 2017 (note our super classy Work-Bench astroturf that we still had around from our summer party)

Tim pitching to a room of Fortune 500 execs in mid-2018 and making data pipelines super engaging!

Co-headlining our State of Data Engineering webinar last Sept along with an MD from JPMC

Always making time to chat with the local university community

A Jessica Lin on-air shoutout on TD Ameritrade Network leading to a Datalogue feature 3 days later!

Wishing the Datalogue team all the best on their continued journey with Nike!




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Jonathan Lehr

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