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Enterprise Playbook: How to Build a Value Based Pricing Calculator

As early-stage enterprise software investors with an obsession with go-to-market strategy, Work-Bench has worked with dozens of enterprise founders and sales leaders navigating the tricky process of pricing.

At the early stage, so many founders are tempted to underprice their product in order to win early deals (and compete with legacy vendor’s higher pricing). However, it’s important to thoughtfully create a pricing framework that can scale with your product and go-to-market motions over time.

This Enterprise Playbook focuses on a tactic we uncovered with many of our later-stage, fast-growth companies: a value-based pricing calculator, that can help answer:

  • How do you create a structured process by which to calculate ROI?
  • What are the top pricing components and deal economics to know?

Download the full Enterprise Playbook on Pricing: How to Build a Value-Based Calculator here.

We know this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to enterprise startup pricing with so many other methods out there. If you’re an enterprise startup and are pricing or re-pricing your product, we would love to hear from you!

For more tactical guides, check out our Enterprise Playbook Series, which provides founders with the tactical knowledge needed to successfully go-to-market and build a world-class enterprise software company.

Huge thank you to Kira Colburn for her work on this playbook.



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Jessica Lin

Jessica Lin

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