Highlights from the 2015 New York R Conference

On April 24 & 25, we held the inaugural New York R Conference at Work-Bench. Co-organized with Lander Analytics, we were thrilled to gather over 200 of the world’s top data scientists from technology startups, financial institutions, and academia together to connect, share, and learn about the leading advances in data science. The sold-out conference featured some of the most respected speakers and data scientists in the R community, from leading institutions such as The New York Times, Etsy, Dow Jones, Goldman Sachs, Cloudera, and Columbia University.

Fan highlights included Bryan Lewis using R, NASA data, and mushroom forum discussions to map Morel growth with “blinged-out New York Times style graphs;” Hilary Parker of Etsy using an R package she wrote called explainer, and its more sinister catsplainer & mansplainer variations; and Andy Gelman’s keynote on Xbox presidential polling.

We’ve been posting videos on the R Conference website, so check it out for a full list of speakers and presentations. For a recap of all the other action, see the Twitter conversation from the conference and the photos on Facebook. Here’s a quick look at our conference numbers:

Thanks to all for making the conference so special with your awesome energy, tweets, and photos — we couldn’t have done it without you! We look forward to seeing you next year, so make sure to sign up for updates for next year’s conference on the rstats website!

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