Innovation in the Enterprise

Highlights From Our Customer Kickoff Event

Last Wednesday, we kicked off our Innovation in the Enterprise series with a customer event at Work-Bench. The objectives for these customer events are two-fold:

  1. Introduce our extended corporate network to innovative and disruptive technology coming out of the enterprise technology startup community
  2. Provide our member companies with introductions, feedback, and insights from potential Fortune 500 partners and customers

Cameron Campbell, our Business Development Director, kicked off the event by sharing the Work-Bench story. He touched on why corporations should be interested in working with enterprise technology startups and the massive disruption happening across the enterprise stack. Attendees included a number of senior leaders & executives from Fortune 500s and companies such as Conde Nast, RR Donnelley, TCW, Lazard, and Hanover Direct.

See below for a brief recap of our member companies’ presentations.

  • True Office — Scott and Kara kicked off our member presentations by sharing some compelling case studies and demonstrating the different types of learning solutions True Office’s interactive learning frameworks can be applied to, such as compliance & risk management, professional development, and customer proficiency.
  • CLO — Daniel showed some stunning clips & demos of their proprietary software platforms, Marvelous Designer and CLO3D, which provides cutting-edge virtual garment technologies for the fashion, computer-generated imagery, and entertainment industries — he also touched on body scanners and licensing agreements.
  • Dwolla — Starting with Dwolla’s origin story, Brian described how Dwolla is a different type of payments system with infrastructure — built from the ground up — designed to democratize money transfers and eliminate exorbitant fees with near instantaneous money transfers at an extremely low price point.
  • Enhatch — Mark spent some time sharing the real power behind Enhatch, showing how their platform allows sales and marketing teams to build visually compelling and engaging mobile sales effectiveness applications without knowing how to code and without the help of legions of developers and IT staff.
  • Pymetrics — Frida reminded us that “no one invented resumes, and no one loves them.” Combining neuroscience and human capital management, she presented an alternative approach to recruiting — one that creates ideal neurological profiles for open positions based on top performers and matches candidates to those positions.
  • LayerVault — Dave showed us a brief demo of their version control tool for designers, and explained how their software helps designers work fearlessly — eliminating the minutiae of tracking, saving, and naming conventions so designers can do what they do best: design.
  • Mortar Data — As K noted, the pace at which we are able to capture and store big data has far exceeded our ability to effectively manipulate and make sense of the information we capture. Mortar Data’s powerful platform allows data scientists to do what they do best: use math, logic, and novel algorithms to solve problems, rather than spend their time on infrastructure, operations, and rebuilding common solutions.
  • Monaeo — As Nishant pointed out, if you are one of the 40m people who spend a lot of time on the road, or at airports, you and your company may be on the hook for millions of dollars in additional taxes in the US and around the world. Monaeo’s SaaS solution enables companies to understand their mobile footprint, sends early warning alerts, and delivers reports to help companies save taxes and protect in tax audits.

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