Introducing our Enterprise Sales Guide

The Process of Selling Enterprise Software Demystified

Enterprise technology is at a watershed. The influx of sleek consumer applications in the past decade has made users less tolerant of the legacy technology they confront in the office. New tools and platforms developed to help you qualify leads, generate demand, and market content among others have redefined the enterprise sales process, and the changing business models of enterprise technology require dramatically new strategies.

As an enterprise technology VC fund, Work-Bench strives to help startups navigate the complexities of the enterprise sales process with our focus on business development, our workshops and events, and our companies learning from one another. We are often asked what the best enterprise sales resources out there are, and this Enterprise Sales Guide is our answer.

This guide is a curated collection of articles written by the top thought leaders from all sides of the table in the enterprise technology game, from investors looking for innovative technologies to seasoned startup veterans whose companies have been acquired and gone public. This guide will also continue evolving, as others share their own learnings. We believe that the Enterprise Sales Guide can provide insight into what matters most for any enterprise startup: selling.

If we missed a segment, or if you think there’s something else we should address, please let us know — we would love to hear from you. Lastly, if you find what you’ve read here useful, please share our guide to pay it forward using the #wbSalesGuide hashtag.

Here it is once again, live on our new domain.

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