The Work-Bench Enterprise Almanac: 2018 Edition

By Michael Yamnitsky

For the past five years at Work-Bench, we’ve been investing in a total reimagining of the enterprise technology stack.

We’re in the midst of a once in a decade tectonic shift of infrastructure that powers the Fortune 1000 and is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Whereas consumer tech has the Mary Meeker Internet Trends report for an aggregate view of industry trends, enterprise technology was missing a comprehensive overview of the key trends. Last year we took action and launched the inaugural Enterprise Almanac to share our thinking on these trends, and now we’re pleased to release the updated 2018 Edition.

Our primary aim is to help founders see the forest from the trees. For Fortune 1000 executives and other players in the ecosystem, it will help cut through the noise and marketing hype to see what really matters. It’s wishful thinking, but we also hope new talent gets excited about enterprise after reading this report. By no means will most of the predictions be correct, but our purpose is to start the discussion by putting this stake in the ground.

Enjoy all 121 slides below, and also be sure to check out Ron Miller’s exclusive coverage on TechCrunch highlighting key takeaways from the report.

  • 2018 Macro Perspective: The Empire Strikes Back
  • Vertical Theme #1: Machine Learning
  • Vertical Theme #2: Cloud Native
  • Vertical Theme #3: Cybersecurity
  • Vertical Theme #4: Decentralization of SaaS

Please share your thoughts via Twitter using the hashtag #2018Almanac and reach out via email if you’d like to connect and discuss.

Special thanks to my Work-Bench team who added significant contributions and healthy debate for the content of this presentation: Jonathan Lehr, Jessica Lin, Vipin Chamakkala, Kelley Mak, Kelley Henry, and Blake Jesse. Thanks to Tommy Truong for his design work.