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Update: This position has been filled.

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We’re hiring a full-time Investment Associate to join the Work-Bench Ventures team. The ideal candidate will have 1–4 years work experience. While most people would typically think of an Associate being like Robin to a Partner’s Batman, I’d like to challenge that notion. I’m not looking for a sidekick, but rather a true collaborator who I can trust, depend on, and who has an insatiable passion for enterprise technology.

I’m seeking someone extraordinary who can identify the next great enterprise founders of our generation. We’ll work together to build a foundation for the future of enterprise technology investing, and you’ll help shape how this functions.


As a VC Associate you will research enterprise markets and identify disruptive trends ripe for investment. Within those trends you’ll find companies that are rising stars. You’ll develop relationships with extraordinary founders, with the Work-Bench Ventures investment portfolio and community, and with peers in venture.

We’ll sit together in company pitch meetings and evaluate their businesses. You’ll conduct due diligence and competitive analyses on companies, and we’ll review the opportunities together. You will manage all deal flow and have the ability to own specific areas from start to finish. Your voice will be heard during partnership meetings and you’ll be expected to provide insights and feedback as we meet new companies.

Since Work-Bench is a startup itself, you’ll have an entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit and be excited about rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty.

Hiring Process

VC is a relationship driven business. Therefore, as your first test, please get a warm introduction to me or someone else on my team, and share your resume and answers to the following questions (your answers for all four questions must be 1–2 pages max).

  1. Why enterprise technology?
  2. What’s an interesting enterprise sector for investment? Name a particular company in the sector and why they’d make a worthwhile investment for Work-Bench Ventures. [Note: Work-Bench Ventures co-invests between $250K-$1M in Series A and Series B rounds]
  3. Why do you want to work in VC, and what have you done that demonstrates your passion for technology and entrepreneurship?
  4. Please share your web presence with us (Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.). Whether your a developer with a Github profile or a designer with a Behance profile, we would love to get a sense of what drives you. Share something that you feel embodies who you are, and please don’t spend anytime cleaning it up for us — we want to see the real you.


  • Demonstrated passion for technology and entrepreneurship
  • Enthusiastic about talking to entrepreneurs and have the written and oral communication skills to connect effectively
  • Qualitative and quantitative thinker who can research emerging market opportunities and source new companies
  • Ambition, perseverance, and resourcefulness like a startup founder
  • Track record of taking initiative
  • 1–4 years work experience
  • Legally qualified to work in the US, and able to begin work immediately


  • Your work experience relates to enterprise technology (e.g. worked at Box or VMware)
  • Outstanding academic record with significant leadership experience / extracurricular achievements
  • Computer science / technical background

What You Get

  • VC experience with significant responsibility and involvement in the full investment cycle
  • Build network of entrepreneurs and co-investors
  • Startup camaraderie and spirit
  • Leading role in the future of enterprise technology building, buying, and bridging
  • Work Hard, Laugh Hard, Play Hard
  • Come to work in our sunny loft in Union Square, New York

About Work-Bench

Work-Bench is an enterprise technology VC fund in New York City. We scale enterprise technology companies through building community, connecting exceptional builders to Fortune 500 buyers, and co-investing in extraordinary founders attacking enormous markets. Work-Bench Ventures focuses on early stage enterprise technology startups and invests between $250K to $1M in each company.

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