Identity & Website for Data Everywhere

A concrete symbol for an abstract subject

The cloud and version control solution for spreadsheet power users

Identity design, logo design, typography, stationery, interface

Data Everywhere is simple but powerful. The product enables cloud sharing for data stored in different formats, online or off, most notably for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

It’s true, there’s no lack of online spreadsheets available, like Google Spreadsheets for example. However, power users continue to use Excel because of its sophisticated features and ability to handle enormous data sets. Data Everywhere takes away the pain of constant back-and-forth emailing of attachments to stay up to date, or combing through a jillion versions in a Dropbox folder to find the latest one. Data Everywhere handles everything: real-time cloud sharing, ability to assign permissions to different users even inside the same spreadsheet, and full version control.

Coming up with the right visual for Data Everywhere’s logo was a bit of a challenge. Their main customer base is accountants, VC’s, bankers, and various financial enterprises dealing with massive sets of data.

I didn’t want to fall into the pit of boring abstract “swooshy” and “gradient-y” corporate logos, ubiquitous and instantly forgettable. At the same time, the identity needed to be appropriate for the space and the audience.

I started with a mindmap to help orient myself.

Followed by a reference moodboard.

I worked closely with the CEO Andy Pruitt to come up with the right imagery. We went through a ton of ideas.

A small selection of development sketches.

I played around with a lot of abstract possibilities, but in the end I decided that DE needed something concrete: a visual reference to a real thing, in order to be more memorable and stand out in a sea of abstract corporate marks.

A tree felt like the right reference to make, with its network-like root and branch structures; instantly recognizable, and sure there’s a lot of tree logos out there, but as long as it was executed in a fresh way it would be perfect for our goals.

The shape of the tree itself is modeled after fractal growth. Concept evolution below.

The Data Everywhere founding team at Chicago House of Blues during Techstars Demo Day 2014.

Other ideas I explored leading up to final decisions regarding the mark.

After settling on the visual brand direction, I also designed a UI kit and marketing website for Data Everywhere.

UI prototypes in sketch

A few examples of final mockups below.

You can see the designs in action on the Data Everywhere website as implemented by Data Everywhere dev team.

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