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A concise summary of my design attitudes

ana kova
Jan 15, 2017 · 2 min read

Areas of focus

1. I help companies communicate more clearly and engage their audiences both rationally and emotionally through visual storytelling in identity, communication & product design.

2. I research, validate, and prototype software products according to principles of iterative validated learning, human-centered design and jobs-to-be-done.


My process is collaborative, iterative, and transparent. I invite clients to participate in the creative process with me, particularly during the earlier stages of setting direction. Direct involvement with the client helps to ensure the clearest and best outcomes. During the kick-off meeting we will plan what exercises we can undertake jointly, as well as schedule feedback conversations, based on everyone’s availability.

I iterate through a multitude of concepts before beginning to commit to a single concept. Do not be alarmed in the early phases of creative direction if it feels as though we are going down a hundred different paths; this is a good thing — we want to get all the crappy first drafts and obvious solutions out of the way first.

Finally, my process is transparent: the client will have access to working files and progress summary screencasts inside a Dropbox folder throughout the project.


I avoid “grand reveals.” Waiting to share work with the client too long can result in severe diversion of viewpoints and waste time. Typically I will work for 2–3 days, then write a summary or record a screencast walking the client through my thought process, and send to the client for feedback, along with links to relevant files.

“Everything first”

I usually design all screens simultaneously, rather than “mobile first” or “desktop first.” I look at ideas on all screens at the same time to make sure it makes sense across the board.

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Work by Ana Kova

Case studies in product design, identity, and illustration

ana kova

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ana kova

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Work by Ana Kova

Case studies in product design, identity, and illustration