I know it’s Hump Day and everything and you might be feeling a bit drained but come on, who doesn’t love superheroes? So let’s talk about superheroes being able to do awesome things!

Do you have a Superpower?

Your first instinct might be to say no, but we all do. Let’s look at any superhero, its what one can do effortlessly that phases everybody else. So what is that one thing you can do so brilliantly that others simply find challenging?

Go on, I dare you to ask everyone you know what they think your superpower is? I did it and turns out its not my excellent writing skills or the ability to process complex concepts easily, at least that’s what I was hoping for them to say. Instead, repeatedly I got resilience. What do I do with this information? I find out how I can help others by using this superskill of mine.

Success comes not just from hard work, but by recognising a demand for something that only you can offer

Superpowers aren’t just for superheroes, who’s to say you aren’t one?! ;)

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