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Work At Home Jobs And PayPal Payments!

4 Legit Work-At-Home Jobs To Make Money Through PayPal!

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Work At Home Jobs To Make Money Online Through PayPal Payments
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What you will learn from this Medium article.

· Work at home jobs and PayPal payments introduction.

· Print on demand work at home jobs for PayPal payments.

· Work at home selling apparel, gadgets, and goodies.

· Writing and selling your eBooks with PayPal payments.

· Work at home jobs with YouTube and affiliate marketing.

· Conclusion of work at home jobs and PayPal payments.

· Free affiliate marketing stuff for our Medium subscribers!

Work-at-home jobs and PayPal payments introduction.

This Medium article about work-at-home jobs and PayPal payments is about a whole lot more than just work-at-home jobs. It is also about a work-at-home content marketing strategy to receive PayPal payments we are currently experimenting with.

There are several work-at-home jobs available worldwide to make money online and receive PayPal payments. But, unfortunately, many countries cannot use PayPal. That we shall remedy during this article.

As for the work-at-home content marketing strategy mentioned earlier, it involves “content recycling”, or “repurposing”. What this means is we are taking several Medium articles, and then turning them into “eBooks” and “fresh content”. Below are listed 4 different work-at-home jobs.

· Print On Demand Design.

· Selling Apparel And Gadgets.

· Writing And Selling eBooks.

· YouTube Affiliate Marketing.

These 4 work at home jobs to get paid with PayPal methods are already published individually. So, we are combining them into one article with several work-at-home jobs. But they will also form part of an upcoming eBook about work-at-home jobs. See how this content marketing strategy works?

All of these work-at-home jobs and PayPal payment options are completely free to use. No websites, blogs, bridge pages, email lists, or experience are required. Everything you need to make money online with work-at-home jobs is right here, free for you to use.

As promised, this article will also provide you with an alternative payment method in the event you cannot use PayPal. However, even if you can use PayPal, you want to make use of our alternative payment method too. But why is that?

PayPal is great for online payments, but apart from transferring the money to your bank account, you can only use it online. With our alternative payment method for these work-at-home jobs, your debit card gets delivered to your door.

You can draw cash from any ATM and go shopping anywhere in the world with the debit card you receive through our alternative payment option. We prefer to use two payment options online, PayPal, and the one we will introduce you to shortly.

Kindly read the other included Medium articles, that explain each different work-at-home job in much more detail. The purpose of this work-at-home article and PayPal payments is to introduce you to the different options. The rest is entirely up to you.

Print-on-demand work-at-home jobs for PayPal payments.

By now, you must have heard about “print on demand”, a rather popular work-at-home job to receive PayPal payments. All you have to do is create your free account and then upload and edit your image designs. You can create stunning designs for free with Canva.

Your image or graphic designs are then turned into “printable products”, like mugs, apparel, scatter pillows, bed covers, stickers, coasters, phone covers, and so much more. This is the perfect work-from-home job for “stay-at-home moms”. But anyone can make money with RedBubble.

>> Create Your Free RedBubble Account <<

RedBubble works with most payment methods which are not available in all countries. But they do have an option to get paid via credit, debit, or pre-paid debit cards. With our alternative payment option coming up under the next subheading, you can set up payments in more than 190 countries. Below are listed the payment options with RedBubble.

· Visa, Mastercard, And American Express (190+ Countries).

· Afterpay Or Clearpay (US, UK, Canada, Australia).

· PayPal (Certain Countries).

· Amazon Payments (USA).

· Apple Pay (Certain Countries).

· Sofort (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain).

· Klarna (Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, US, UK).

With RedBubble you get to create a stunning online store, and you will even get buyer traffic from RedBubble themselves. Your RedBubble online store name becomes a slug to the primary domain. Like your Medium article titles become Medium domain slugs, so it is an indexable URL.

>> RedBubble Online Store Example <<

Above you can access our RedBubble store to get a better idea of the layout, and how this works. But you also want to read the article included below, because it takes you through the RedBubble work-at-home job step by step. Covering the strategy in much more detail.

It all comes down to creating your designs, uploading them to RedBubble, and then resizing them with the RedBubble online editor. It is not that difficult to do, and you will soon “get the hang of it”. Now you have your first of 4 work at home jobs to receive PayPal payments.

Work at home selling apparel, gadgets, and goodies.

This is one of the work-at-home jobs to receive PayPal payments you might not have heard about. As with RedBubble, all you have to do is create your free Benable account. This will remind you a lot about Pinterest. Benable, however, automatically integrates with over 38,000 Brand Partners.

These “Brand Partners” include giants like Amazon, Sephora, Etsy, Wayfair, Lululemon, TripAdvisor, Target, Home Depot, Walmart, Nike Store, Best Buy, and over 38,000 alternative brand partners. You simply sign up as an affiliate with any of the Benable brand partners, and Benable does all the rest.

>> Create Your Free Benable Account <<

Once you have created your free account with Benable, which, by the way, you can only do through the invitational link above. You can only become a Benable member when an existing member invites you. So, you have been invited. And you are going to love this one!

Alternative Online Payment Option From PayPal.

Getting to the “mysterious” alternative payment option as promised, allow us to introduce you to Payoneer. Accepted in over 190 countries, but you already know that. You get your debit card which you can use for any kind of purchase, or even to draw cash from an ATM. But then you already know that too, right?

>> Create Your Free Payoneer Account <<

When you sign up with Payoneer, you also get a $25 bonus with your first deposit of $1000 in commission payments. That should not be too hard to reach when you use all 4 of these work-at-home jobs to generate an online income. Then simply connect your Payoneer account as the payment method, and you are good to go.

With Benable you are going to create “lists” and “cards”, much like Pinterest “boards” and “pins”. But your Benable “cards” are automatically integrated with the Benable brand partners you choose to work with. We have created 2 Benable accounts to demonstrate your options.

Yes, you can create multiple accounts with Benable, provided you have multiple legitimate email addresses. Therefore, we created one account that integrates with the brand partners, as used in the example below. But also another, where we share our Medium articles and YouTube video links.

>> Benable List Example With 38K Brand Partners <<

With this work-at-home job through multiple brand partners, you are not limited in any way. You can share absolutely any URL you choose because you are sharing “stuff you recommend”. Therefore, you have two examples of different options you have with Benable as a work-at-home job.

>> Benable List Example With Medium And YouTube <<

Now you have number two of 4 work at home jobs anyone can do for free. While receiving payments with PayPal and Payoneer. But with this article, you are only introduced to the basics, as mentioned before. The step-by-step strategy is already in article form.

Below, we have included the link to the Medium article that will guide you step by step through Benable. From profile to settings and integrating with brand partners. Furthermore, we have included illustrated screenshots, just to be sure you follow the steps correctly.

Writing and selling your eBooks with PayPal payments.

Number 3 on this list of work-at-home jobs that will pay you with PayPal, is BookRix. Unfortunately, BookRix, which is an eBook publisher, only uses PayPal as their payment option. As with all the others, you only need to create your free account with BookRix below.

>> Create Your Free BookRix Account <<

You may recall us mentioning recycling, or repurposing content into eBooks. That is precisely what we are currently doing with turning Medium articles into eBooks. Then publish them completely free in all major online bookstores, among others.

With BookRix you never pay for publishing, but they do, however, take 30% of your book sales. If your book does not sell, then there will be no “outstanding balance” catches. Perfectly free and safe, we have been with BookRix since 2020. Below are 2 eBooks created by repurposing Medium articles.

Pay attention to the “Note To The Reader”, “About The Author”, and “Introduction” areas especially. Depending on the kind of eBook you publish, this may be slightly different from the examples below. Simply click on the “Reading Sample” button to get a better idea.

>> Make Money Writing <<

>> Affiliate Marketing Sales <<

You will also notice that these eBooks are already published in major online bookstores. Like Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and Thalia to name but a few. What this means is the “strategy” we are using is accepted in all major online bookstores.

That is why you also want to read the step-by-step guide on how to publish with BookRix below. But we guess you have one good question. How much do you sell your eBook for? From $2.99 to $9.99 is a good price range. Going below $2.99 reduces your earning percentage with some online bookstores.

Work-at-home jobs with YouTube and affiliate marketing.

Last, but not least, number 4 of the work-at-home jobs to get paid with PayPal. Affiliate marketing with YouTube, without ever having to make any videos. Because you are going to use “Creative Commons License” videos. But what does this mean?

This means that you are going to use existing promotional videos because with this strategy it is perfectly safe and legal. Many affiliate products already have promotional videos on YouTube with the “Creative Commons” licenses. Below is a list of affiliate networks that work well.

· Clickbank.

· Warrior Plus.

· JVZoo.

· Share A Sale.

· Max Bounty.

· Digistore24.

· Amazon Associates.

· Private Affiliate Networks.

Among these affiliate networks are some of our favourites, like Clickbank, Warrior Plus, and JVZoo. But we also use Amazon Associates, Share A Sale, Max Bounty, and Private Affiliate Networks. Especially with the first 3 mentioned affiliate networks, there are thousands of promotional videos.

Most of these affiliate networks pay you through the payment options listed below. All you have to do is select the Creative Commons option when searching for review videos, then use tools like yt1s(dot)com, or yt5s(dot)com to download videos to your device, then upload them to YouTube.

· PayPal.

· Payoneer.

· Electronic Funds Transfer.

This entire strategy too, is already covered in the article below. A step-by-step guide through YouTube and making money with affiliate marketing without making a single video. It will also show you how to rank those videos on page one of YouTube.

Conclusion of work-at-home jobs and PayPal payments.

Now you have 4 work at home jobs that will pay you through PayPal, and several other payment options, like Payoneer. Simple but effective, completely free work-at-home jobs you can use to generate a passive online income. Below is a list of these work-at-home jobs.

· Print On Demand Design.

· Selling Apparel And Gadgets.

· Writing And Selling eBooks.

· YouTube Affiliate Marketing.

You have RedBubble, Benable, BookRix, and YouTube to leverage as work-at-home jobs. With these 4 simple work-at-home jobs and PayPal payments, anyone can make money online. How much you make, however, depends on you.

Through experience, we know that all 4 of these work-at-home jobs are, indeed, profitable. Because we have already received payments and commission payments by applying these strategies. Now, it is your turn to do the same. Have fun with these work-at-home jobs.

If you found this Medium story helpful, kindly let us know in the comments. We would love to hear your opinion. Did you know about these work-at-home jobs and PayPal payments? Do you struggle with driving traffic, generating sales, creating content, or writing?

Are you ready to get started with these work-at-home jobs and PayPal payments? If you need help with anything, we speak “Medium”, “Marketing”, and “Writing” rather fluently, so feel free to reach out any time.

With that, our “Work At Home Jobs And PayPal Payments!” story on Medium is concluded. Now you know how to make money online with these simple work-at-home jobs and PayPal payments! Nothing is stopping you now!

Isn’t it about time you started making some money online? Well, this is your chance! 4 Legitimate work-at-home jobs to get paid through PayPal are right in front of you. All you have to do is get to work.

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