Introducing the NFTBook: A New Platform for Literary Creatives

Hey everyone! I’m so happy to announce that yesterday, we successfully launched the first major NFTBook project from PageDAO!! We could never have pulled it off without assistance from MaskDAO and from PizzaDAO, and of course the PageDAO community has been absolutely wonderful.

We had a party for authors yesterday, and over a dozen turned up and read their work during a 5-hour Twitter Spaces community call. You can follow PageDAO at and of course here at Cent as well. The growth of the PageDAO Author’s Community has made a lot of things possible, as the Mask of Ganymede project shows. This post will be a short introduction to the concept and an overview of the contents of the book.

The NFTBook has three types of content: eBook, Audiobook, and Print on Demand service for physical copies. It consists of submarined files stored on IPFS that are served into a dAPP that renders in a web browser, allowing the user to access the content.

The text renders in a small window that can be full-screened, and the audiobook is available by clicking “Listen.” My favorite way to take in the content is to then navigate to the text + audiopage, see below:

This view will become invaluable for schoolbooks and other academic pursuits as our game improves and we become able to synchronize audio playback page by page so that the text becomes a sort of video companion for the audiobook.

We anticipate translations on the way, as well as a song, and are planning a variety of promotions including a few limited mint runs that may be free to collect if you hold the NFTBook in your wallet. If you followed us at all during the WIP Publishing days, you know how much we love to do airdrops!

Above is the opening of the preface I wrote for the NFTBook, which focuses largely upon the story itself, unlike this post. I believe the story to be the best thing I’ve (T. Dylan Daniel, /epicdylan ) ever had a hand in writing, as the depth of the philosophical journey Ganymede takes really gave me a chance to stretch my legs and create a wonderfully relevant modern retelling of a classic Greek myth.

We are putting together a package of content that will enable readers to participate in contests by taking a quiz about the book written by me, its lead editor, and writing a review to be judged by the Mask of Ganymede Creator Team.

Things are truly beginning to take off, and so I’ll include a link to the secondary market for this book on OpenSea here just in case you come and read this post long after the tokens sell out.

Originally published at Cent. 1/1 NFT minted, giveaway coming soon. To participate, you may wish to read the NFTBook and write a review, then tweet it @Page_DAO.



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