The End of WIPP Monthly (reposted from Cent)

There’s just no need to be so serious about this. Monthly updates are cool; real-time updates are better.

Hey Cent fam! sorry about the accidental hiatus. it’s kinda tough to copy+paste articles here, so I have been a bit slow to do so. for the last 6+ months. My bad!!!

What’s worse is that I think Cent is a way better place to post about ongoings than Medium is. Web3.0 FTW!

So I’m pulling the plug on monthly WIPP Monthly articles, instead will be freewriting some and reposting to other spots. It’s strangely quite difficult to find the right place for online writing, and I’m planning to dive into in the near term and get that figured out.

Here’s a link, if you’re curious about what I’ve been up to, that has some historical updates for you (it’s our Medium account at Work in Progress Publishing)

Also, here are a few more pics just from life and randomness. I’m happy to say the PizzaDAO book is coming along nicely and it very much appears to be the case that the Mask of Ganymede (cover is featured image) will continue to be a hit. We recently paused the contract and are re-launching, but it’s all good bc we were in the midst of a presale and haven’t sold them all yet or anything.To scope that project, head over to and I’ll be sure to comment below once minting has resumed :)

Cheers Cent Fam, I’ll never forget you and I’ll try to not wait near as long to make my next post here.

PS the last pic is by Musashi and of Musashi in CV, wearing the WIPPY wearable we’re planning to send to all the WIP members who came to see our presentation(s) a few weeks ago. We sent them all to a multisig which then immediately broke and won’t let us send them out, so we’re minting more but it’s needlessly difficult XD

If you were there, thank you and you’ll get your Wippy Wearable as soon as we can send it to your address.

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Thomas Dylan Daniel

Thomas Dylan Daniel


Philosopher. Founder of WIP Publishing & PAGE DAO. Author of Formal Dialectics and Bring Back Satire.