WIPP Monthly: July 2021

LIVE: NFTBook Alpha (a striking new layout). ALSO LIVE: NFTBook Bazaar Alpha (an automated platform to create & trade NFTBooks).

Greetings WIPPersnappers! It’s another lovely day in the land of blockchain, as we announce not one, but TWO! major technical milestones have been reached. We have the beautiful new NFTBook Alpha layout to iteratively develop and roll out to ALL existing NFTBooks, and we also have the automated NFTBook Bazaar to facilitate NFTBook creation and trading.

NOW LIVE: NFTBook Alpha (a striking new layout).

ALSO LIVE: NFTBook Bazaar Alpha (an automated platform to create & trade NFTBooks).


It’s my pleasure to announce the NFTBook Bazaar Beta Launch, which will take place on July 28, 2021. Head over to https://nftbookbazaar.com/ for an exclusive sneak peek into the new tech.

NFTBook Alpha Sneak Peek: Bring Back Satire at OpenSea https://opensea.io/assets/0xd9c6e5e525bf60716351cd316110bd461389d94f/2

NFTBook Alpha was developed as a prettier way to display NFTBook content across all platforms, and is currently available as a preview via OpenSea.io. Simply click the link to access the new layout (the classic layout is still available as well via the “View” button in the OpenSea UI). NFTBook Alpha offers native support for text and audio as well as a beautiful layout for the book. Since these files are saved as “Interactive” HTML files, they’re all going to require one less click on the part of a user to get involved. We still encourage desktop viewing for now, but eventually these NFTs will completely support mobile as well.

The NFTBook Bazaar has been under development for about a month now, and is currently in “Alpha” status. What this means is that the core of the application exists and works, but we’re going to need to build out a great deal more to reach a stable release. When we do reach stable status, however, users will be able to use the internet’s FIRST NFTBook platform to buy, sell, trade, and who even knows what all else?

How It Happened:

From all of us here at WIP Publishing, it’s a pleasure to announce that our first major and concerted effort to bring our concept into existence has come and gone. Our goal was a lofty one, but achievable: follow the Moralis tutorial to clone Rarible and style the application to suit our NFTBooks in particular. We got an early start last month, and it now appears that we’ll be able to get our platform to the Ethereum Mainnet by the end of this month. We want to send a HUGE shout-out to the team at Moralis for making this an achievable project — we actually got the demo going in a single weekend!

As this is the first major project release for WIPP, and as I’m doing it via my personal account on Medium here, I want to take a moment to introduce anyone who has been following me to the team of rock stars who have come together to make this all possible.

The Dream Team

CIO: Robbie Pollock

Robbie Pollock

Robbie joined our team just after the NFTBook Genesis release. A veteran programmer with many projects under his belt, Robbie hasn’t been formally employed in a programming field before, working instead in publishing and in particular, on the humanitarian side of the industry: Robbie helps inmates by working with them to produce written works. Robbie’s relative lack of experience in a corporate development environment was actually a selling point for me, as he’s more task-oriented and comes to the project more as a technical cofounder than as a hired gun who needs close supervision.

CTO: David Noya

David Noya

David Noya has been working in this direction awhile, and after scrapping his own project to assist in founding Libernet after we had a short phone call last January, I have come to realize that David is beginning to really come into his own as a programmer capable of building and maintaining his own applications. What this essentially means is that David has constructed a very large codebase that Robbie and Phil are currently working to adapt to meet the minimum specifications of our user requirements. As alpha testing progresses, David only seems to get stronger.

CPO: Philip Loyd

Philip Loyd

Phil and I have known each other since 2016, and have worked together on three or four projects before this one. Until this weekend, I’d never seen him take the time to learn a new skill on the fly before, though I knew well he had a serious talent for doing so. Phil is a design thinker with a reputation as the guy to talk to about getting a product out there in working order. Phil helped us get an early start and has kept the group heading the right direction by being available and being able to jump into almost any project anyone on the team is working on.

CMO: EZINCRYPTO (Ezra Levinger)


EZ is a California native who spends a lot of time getting close to lots of different crypto projects. He leads our promotional efforts and does a lot of business development work to ensure that our concepts are represented and new partnerships keep coming in. EZ and I were the pair who originally had the idea of a token-gated NFT magazine last summer during the pandemic.

CCO: Erick Stow

Erick Stow

Erick’s art has come a long way since we first met back in high school. Now he spends a lot of time working on art in support of our efforts here at WIPP. If you see a banner or logo, there’s a great chance Erick was behind it. Read more about Erick here, in the bio piece I did about him earlier this year.

CEO: Me, Thomas Dylan Daniel

Thomas Dylan Daniel (art by Erick Stow)

If you’re wondering what I have to do with all of this, I’m the guy whose idea it was to try to build the Legend of the Library of Alexandria on the blockchain last year. My role in the technical development of the project has been relatively minimal, save for moral support and a few insights. Instead, I’m the guy who built the NFTBook Genesis tokens and inspired this burst of creativity. My main role these days is to stay out of the way, offer encouragement and direction when necessary, and will soon shift to full-time fundraising as the dAPP gets off the ground.


If you’ve been following along, good for you. You’ll have a front-row seat for what comes next. If you’re new to the NFTBook space, that’s even better! Be sure to like and share this article to help spread the word: WIP Publishing is releasing a platform that will allow authors to mint their own NFTBooks as well as an official partnership authors can engage for an additional fee of 5% of their minted NFTBooks (limited space available!) to be represented by WIPP! WIPP only takes 5% upfront and 5% of any royalties collected on NFTBooks, so don’t waste any time if you’re an author looking to release your works on the blockchain — go to https://wippublishing.com/ today and get signed up as an author!

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