WIPP Monthly: November

Y’all, things are about to pop off hard. We’ve been discovering very talented writers we know you’ll love.

Image generated in WIP Publishing Discord Server. Original image from Unsplash, by kimberlyfarmer.

It is with great joy that I write to you at the tail end of Halloween night. Halloween this year was extra special, because María Verde led a PAGE DAO team including myself and a handful of others to a successful NFTBook launch, a mere two weeks after the idea came up in the first place! The book is called Zombieverse and it’s short, but it’s a lot of fun. That’s just the beginning of it, too!

The Upcoming Month

November will be a very big month for WIPP, as several NFTBooks are planned. The PAGE token is doing well over at Uniswap despite massive gas fee increases on Ethereum Mainnet that have us scrambling for the exits to BSC or possibly Terra en route to our eventual goal of a Cosmos SDK application specific blockchain. The PAGE DAO is also doing very well, with membership increasing as utility is added to the PAGE token and voting has become available at Snapshot.

A cover image for an article I wrote was generated in the WIPP Discord bot.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, the Misfortune Mondays bot is now being used not only to mint NFTs to Rarible from the WIP Publishing Discord server but also to generate cover images for articles and all sorts of other surprising and innovative projects. Let’s look into each of these three major focus points and think a bit about how WIPP is best able to move forward.


The main NFTBook in the works at the moment is the Hashmasks lore book we’re putting together in a historic partnership between WIPP, PAGE DAO, and MaskDAO spearheaded by myself and White Chocolate, a Hashmask collector who has put in a substantial amount of time to MaskDAO’s wellbeing. There are a bevy of new features that this flagship project from WIPP will ultimately include, but the emergence of a new writer known as Dazerine in the discord server is perhaps the most exciting part of it all. From Ireland, Dazerine found WIP Publishing through the TokenSmart show we’ve been doing for the past six months or so.

We launched a collaborative writing project called Pass the Pen back in September or perhaps August, and James Riordan-Waters and Ezincrypto stepped up to deliver an epic space pirate fantasy project. Dazerine was one of the main writers during these shows and, in addition to receiving pizza for his efforts from the PizzaDAO which graciously agreed to sponsor the event, he was also recruited by myself and White Chocolate. Our original writer grew tired of the project and left, which was a tragic development, but on a tight time schedule and having never done such a thing before, Dazerine took the chance and stepped up and delivered time after time to produce the greatest NFTBook yet. I’m proud to work with him and I’m proud that WIPP’s events provided him the opportunity to discover his innate talent for writing.

Speaking of the PizzaDAO, work continues on the book we’re doing about the process! We expect to have an extraordinary work of art ready to mint before Christmas this year. The Rare Pizzas NFT launch is coming soon too, so be excited about that!


PAGE DAO got a few major upgrades in recent days. Snapshot is now live although Ethereum prices are hurting enrollment as most of the folks who want to purchase PAGE to become DAO members are small fish who can’t afford to spend upwards of $200 on the transaction fee — or maybe they don’t want to! We don’t blame you. That’s why the second big DAO-related announcement is that we’re working hard on getting PAGE off of mainnet Ethereum because it just isn’t right for our community. We don’t have anything specific to announce there just yet, but there are many irons in the fire.

DAO membership is also growing. We’re putting together a project to create membership NFTs to raise an initial DAO treasury and expand membership. Not only this but we’re looking at Terra and MATIC as mainnet solutions for these NFTs so that transaction fees don’t sabotage this project too. If you’re interested in joining PAGE DAO, you can start by following us on Twitter and joining our Discord to say hi. We’re actively recruiting writers and funding projects with the PAGE token, so come pitch us your story idea!

WIP Publishing Discord Bot

The discord bot was initially the brainchild of Phil, our COO at WIP Publishing. His thought was simple: here’s a use-case, let’s pick it up and run with it. And that’s exactly what we did. We hosted a live show in the discord and started by soliciting “misfortune” cookie one-liners from the audience. People really enjoyed that, but it wasn’t quite all Phil had in mind, so we did a call with Robbie and a bot was born. The bot searches Unsplash for stock photos and renders the text upon them in a semi-predictable way. When you play with it a bit, you develop a feel for how it works and this allows you to create more specific and intricate images.

What’s more, in the discord we’ve begun to use the bot to have conversations. We have a handful of channels where it is featured, and we’re actively inviting writers of all stripes to use it to create and mint NFTs of cover images for articles. C’mon in, we’ll help you get it figured out.

Concluding Thoughts

November is going to be a wild month. If we pull off even half of what we’re aiming to accomplish this month, very good things will happen. Couple this with the uptick in interest in crypto from the general population and the rapid expansion of Cosmos SDK projects like Terra and Juno, and I believe it’s safe to say that some upgrades should be coming our way soon.

PS: Somehow I’ve managed to get all the way through this article without mentioning the NFTBook Bazaar, but rest assured we’re still working on that, too. News soon, but I realize there’s bound to be some fatigue on the subject because we’ve delayed production by three months at this point. That said, we do still have the beta up at wipp.nftbookbazaar.com if you’re dying to know what we’re talking about on that front. The final version of the app will be substantially different and contain a surprising breadth of features, so it’s all certainly very exciting stuff. Still, that said, we’re building a community first and there’s no need to wait. If you’re a writer or a reader or a techie, we’re probably going to get along great.



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