WIPP Monthly: October

WIPP shifts focus to PAGE DAO and writing projects, metaverse collabs abound!

Greetings, WIPPersnappers! September was such a busy month I almost forgot to write a WIPP Monthly for October! Plus I’m technically on “vacation” now — never fear, it’s more of a sabbatical. My goal is to set aside the main parts of working at WIPP for a few weeks to decompress and write some things. What better place to start than with this monthly update about all things WIPP and PAGE DAO?

Let’s take a moment to reflect on where we came from and then maybe compare that to where we are today. Back in April, WIPP was formed as a spinoff of the Libernet DAO. We had no technology, little interest, and our DAO was just a group of people who got together for phone calls here and there. Today we’ve built multiple platforms (and scrapped them, just wait til you see what we’re going to end up launching!), we’ve published over a dozen NFTBooks from small-time authors who see enough promise in blockchain to get out and start exploring the space even though things are still rough, and we’ve got a cryptocurrency that assists greatly in the various projects that are currently taking up so much of my time that I have to step back to write them up!

It’s quite the change overall. This monthly update will have three main subjects:

  1. the WIPP transition from platform to project focus
  2. the PAGE token’s utility for developing WIPP and PAGE projects
  3. the NFTBook Bazaar’s development

The Work In Progress Publishing Company was founded to accomplish two main goals: to open up the publishing industry for people who have previously found themselves disenfranchised, and to build the technology needed to accomplish this goal. The second part is difficult but made simpler by a thriving open source community and an extraordinary team. The first part will take time to accomplish almost irrespective of anything else that might happen.

The two goals meet in the WIPP catalogue of NFTBooks, which is simultaneously a test-bed for the technologies we are working to bring to the publishing industry and also a compendium of talented Web3.0 writers who never stop innovating. Major NFT art projects have reached out to WIPP for assistance with particular projects, and the PAGE Token Airdrop has helped WIPP to facilitate relationships with other DAOs and projects throughout the space. There are already relationships from that drop that some of these projects continue and that we intend to keep continuing as time goes by.

The Willow Tree, by Elan Carson.

In particular, PFP projects have massive amounts of attention and general resources, but are mainly not telling stories yet. At WIPP, and at PAGE DAO, we aim to support and empower these projects by providing a publishing framework for Web3.0. But the relationships can go deeper still, as WIPP has been building a community of literature-oriented individuals and PAGE DAO gives that group a name and aims to create voting infrastructure and even a community treasury with which to facilitate the development of blockchain-based NFTBooks even further.

This renewed focus on writing projects of all stripes feels good to the team at WIPP, as traction seems even more inevitable than before, but it does come at the expense of the NFTBook Bazaar, our other main focus, to some extent. Nonetheless, we have contracted a designer to create a new application with a little help from a new friend. Hence, the development cycle continues, just in the background for now. Our first two platforms technically worked, but weren’t quite release-worthy, so we’ve chosen a new direction for iterative development and are now demonstrating our impressive juggling skills.

PAGE has proven a successful enterprise, despite a relatively low price per token. Ethereum has appreciated recently, and this appreciation has benefited PAGE by stabilizing the price as a handful of team members and even the WIPP wallet sold some of their holdings into the LP. PAGE’s days as a social token are over, now, however, as the team works to integrate governance. Right now there are multiple ways to earn the DAO member role in the WIPP discord, but the PAGE DAO snapshot site is only available to those who hold 100 PAGE or some PAGE/ETH LP tokens in their connected Metamask wallet.

Thanks for following along and don’t forget to follow WIPP on Twitter! Our DMs are open, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re a writer or aspiring PAGE DAO member.



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Thomas Dylan Daniel

Thomas Dylan Daniel


Philosopher. Founder of WIP Publishing & PAGE DAO. Author of Formal Dialectics and Bring Back Satire. https://dylan.app.bio/