My design epiphanies

A collection of my design epiphanies which occur to me in middle of lectures, finishing assignments, pursuing group projects, taking a shower and rarely in middle of my sleep.

“Best designs work in the worst of conditions”

“Sometimes, to not design, is also design”

“Are you a designer by degree, by profession, or by thinking?”

“Good design is basically a transition from addressing a problem to actually solving it”

“While working in teams, don’t tell anyone what you suck at. Instead, tell them what you are good at.”

“Design is the ultimate power to screw things up”

Spirituality in design should make one feel more optimistic than complacent.

Most of the design research is about observation and ways of documenting it.

Design thinking is basically a scalable way of finding solutions to human problems, from organizing your desk to fixing glitches in an operation theatre.

Design as a practice could be anywhere between fixing a problem to tapping an opportunity. It is not necessary that you are always solving a problem.

As a designer, it is totally okay to be an enigma. Sometimes, you just don’t fit into those containers defined by society.

Design process is not a recipe. It is okay to not have waterfall steps.

Years of experience has nothing to do with the amount of exposure gained and hence is not a very good representation of the skills you’ve gained. You could work inside a cave for ten years or spend a year designing rocket ships.

Data is the new oil and AI is the new oil rig so yeah let’s drill the brains out of humanity.

Don’t come up with ridiculous Blockchain or AI design principles without understanding human complexities. You should be designing for humans while leveraging these technologies and not the other way around.

To Be Continued…