Our biggest announcement… Ever.

Today at Craft + Commerce we announced massive changes to our platform as well as to the entire company.

Audience growth, reimagined.

We’ve completely redesigned our form and landing page builder from the ground up to make it easy to customize your own beautiful forms.

Choose from the templates you know and love

Easily ask for subscriber preferences with checkboxes or dropdown menus

Customize any aspect of the form to match your site

New landing page templates

This massive new update is available to all of our customers right now. Sign into your account (or create an account) to make your first form in the new builder.

Get new insights into your business

As your business grows you need better insights into what’s working and where you should focus your energy. Today we are releasing brand new reporting that will show you key insights about your audience.

It starts with list growth over time

You can filter it to show any tag or segment

We also added an entirely new graph of your net new subscribers. Now you can find out exactly how your email list is growing and some of the demographics of the subscribers who are leaving your list.

The net new graph shows how many subscribers joined and left your list in a given day

You can also show this graph for specific segments so you can find how a segment is growing or shrinking. If you you have a large spike in unsubscribes you can filter by a tag to narrow down which segments of your readers are most likely to unsubscribe.

Looking at the unsubscribes on the graph it’s clear to see which days major broadcasts were sent.

You can also see fun stats like your average open and click rates and the total number of emails sent over the lifetime of your account.

These new graphs are available today for all accounts. Jump in and let us know what you learn!

Know your best customers

Our mission at ConvertKit is to help you earn a living as a creator. To do that it really helps to be able to track the money you earn and talk to your biggest fans who are spending the most.

With that in mind we’ve built an entirely new feature to track every purchase inside of ConvertKit. Now when you go to a subscriber’s profile you can see exactly what they’ve purchased and for how much.

Instead of creating a tag for every product and manually mapping them in an integration, you can now create automations directly from a purchase.

Behind-the-scenes we’ve been working hard with all of our most popular ecommerce integrations to build in this new functionality. Now whether you sell physical products on Shopify or courses on Teachable, the integration is already updated and ready for you to start assigning purchase data to each customer.

Simply reconnect the integration and it will automatically fill in all the data from past purchases. You don’t need to do anything else!

Like the rest of the features mentioned above, this is available today and already turned on for your account.

A better writing experience

Why do email marketing tools have such a bad writing experience?

That’s a question posed by Robert Williams in a Medium post last year. He pointed out that all the blogging platforms are focused on a great writing experience, but it’s just an afterthought in every email tool.

Many tout a beautiful email editor — but even though the end result may look good it makes the writing and creation process extra clunky.

I’ve often wondered why every email tool out there asks you — whenever you create a new email — which template you’d like to use. “Um… the same one I use every time, thanks!”

Because of that we’ve avoided building in a visual email editor. But just because no email provider has done it well, doesn’t mean it can’t be done!

So our design team spent a lot of time creating a great writing experience on the web. It’s inspired by Medium, who we think have done an amazing job providing more advanced features while still getting out of the way to make your content king.

This new editor won’t be available until the end of this year, but we wanted to give you a preview of it sooner so you can know where we are headed.

The biggest change of all

Over the last few years we’ve increasingly felt that ConvertKit as a name didn’t match our company. We started as a simple tool to help you increase conversion rates, but over time we’ve grown into a global movement helping creators earn a living.

We’re not just a plugin or a script you put on your site. And we’re not the just the latest tip or growth hack.

Instead we focus on the complete ecosystem to serve creators. It starts with building the best software for you to communicate with your audience. Then it continues through the fact that we spend all of our marketing budget on teaching best practices. And finally we host a conference and even shot a documentary to inspire the next generation of creators!

Our name no longer matches our vision.

So, we’re changing the name of ConvertKit. You can read all about it and watch a video to learn more here:

Click here to learn about our new name.