What’s new in ConvertKit

In our last update we had some big Coming Soon features we’d been working on. I’m excited to announce that they are all live now!

No need to waste your time, so here they:

A/B testing on broadcast subject lines

How do you know the subject line that will get the most opens? By testing of course! Now you can A/B test broadcast subject lines in ConvertKit.

Just add a second subject line and ConvertKit will automatically send each subject to 15% of your audience. Then after four hours the subject with the highest open rate will be sent to the remaining 70% of your subscribers.

Segmenting subscribers by location

If you’re hosting a meetup or an event you can now find who is within X miles of a city. For example, for our upcoming conference I was able to email anyone within 300 miles of Boise using this new feature.

Segmenting based on custom fields

You can now segment based on custom fields. This is really helpful for:

  • Seeing which subscribers have a certain custom field such as phone number set on their account.
  • Filtering your subscribers by their profession. If you target freelancers you could filter down to just the designers, developers, or copywriters.
  • You can also filter on numbers. That means if you collect the age of each subscriber you could create a segment of all your subscribers who are over 18.

Allow subscribers to undo an accidental unsubscribe

And finally, sometimes subscribers unsubscribe by accident and want to get back on the list. Before that was a painful process that required contacting our support team. Now with a single click they can undo their mistake!

That’s all for now!

Stay tuned (and subscribe below) for more goodness from our engineering team.

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