What’s next for landing pages in ConvertKit

Nathan Barry
Apr 9 · 3 min read

We just announced a new landing page templates and editing functionality. Today I want to follow it up with a sneak peek into where we are headed. Over the next few months here are the features we’ll release for landing pages.

Custom domains

Right now if you use our WordPress plugin you can easily replace a page on your site with a ConvertKit landing page (here’s an article on how to do it). But for those who don’t use WordPress or don’t yet have a site, it’s nice to be able to personalize your URL.

Personalize your subdomain

The next feature we are working on is the ability to set your own subdomain. So I could have nathanbarry.ck.page for my account and then nathanbarry.ck.page/learn as one of my landing page URLs.

Use a root domain

After that we’ll add the ability to fully replace the ConvertKit page with your own domain. So instead of seeing any ConvertKit URL your readers will just see the domain you point to ConvertKit. This will require you to configure your DNS records.

Better image management

Recent images gallery

How many times have you uploaded your logo to ConvertKit? I’ve certainly done it a lot. Soon you’ll be able to select any of your recently uploaded images to use in your landing pages.

Select your most recently uploaded image to use on a landing page.

Unsplash integration

The right image is key to personalize your landing page. We’ll be adding a direct integration with Unsplash so you can search for great free photos without leaving ConvertKit!

Soon you’ll be able to grab photos for your landing page directly from Unsplash.

Content editing

Customize header fonts

The designers of each landing page chose great fonts, but sometimes you want the ability to personalize even more of the page. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of fonts for each of your headers.

More content editing options

We’ll also add the ability to add images, videos, buttons, and more to any of the content areas on your landing pages. You won’t be limited anymore to the placeholders that are already in your template.

Buttons, videos, images, and more are coming soon.

Additional templates

Landing page templates

We already have more than a dozen additional landing page templates designed and we’re excited to get in a regular cadence for releasing a couple new templates each month.

Form styles

Next, after additional landing page templates, is a few more form templates. These will include header bar forms, new modals, and more.


Forms and landing pages are a powerful way to grow your list today and they’ll keep getting better each week!

If you’re just getting started, check out our landing page challenge that runs through the end of April, 2019.

Work in Public by ConvertKit

Behind the scenes of the bootstrapped email marketing company's journey to help creators earn a living online.

Nathan Barry

Written by

Founder and Designer at ConvertKit. App designer, writer, traveler.http://nathanbarry.com

Work in Public by ConvertKit

Behind the scenes of the bootstrapped email marketing company's journey to help creators earn a living online.

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