Work(ing) at Wealthfront: Grace Ling

Grace grew up in the multi-cultural neighborhood of Jackson Heights, Queens NY, which is also the hometown of Lucy Liu. Much to Grace’s regret, she never crossed paths with Lucy. After completing her BS in Business Administration at Boston University, five plus years of investment banking and fixed income experience, and a 10-month backpacking trip in South America, Grace found new life at Wealthfront. She is currently building our operations team as one of Wealthfront’s brokerage operations managers.

How did you first hear about Wealthfront?

I heard about Wealthfront at a rooftop restaurant, El Techo, in the Mission District of San Francisco. I was catching up with my friend Ivan, a former client of mine when I worked in fixed income sales at BNP Paribas. At the time, I was looking for a career change into the nonprofit sector and had lost faith in the financial services industry. Ivan knew someone who worked at Wealthfront and it was clear that he truly admired the company, so after our conversation he put me in touch with the team.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I wear many hats at Wealthfront on a day-to-day basis because I work across different teams. The current Brokerage Operations team is still small enough where members are trained across different operational functions. My main focus is on cashiering, which involves managing the flow of funds for Wealthfront client accounts. I work closely with the engineering and compliance teams within the company to investigate transactional patterns and identify opportunities for operational improvements. I also work closely with Client Services who are on the front line helping clients with anything and everything they may need.

You first started out at Wealthfront on the Client Services team and made the switch to Brokerage Operations. How did your experience on the Client Services team help with that transition?

My experience on the Client Services team was integral to my transition, and I would even argue important for any team at Wealthfront. Understanding the client experience and how it relates to our operations are critical components to the continued success of Wealthfront. Being able to think in terms of the client experience, instead of solely completing an operational function, allows us to build what we believe is a better product than what is offered elsewhere.

What is your favorite tradition here at Wealthfront?

My favorite tradition at Wealthfront is the annual Halloween Parade around the office. Both Wealthfront employees and their families participate, so it’s hard to have a bad day when there are buckets of sugar around the office and kids running around in costume.

What do you want the world to know about you?

I have a weak spot for cheesy jokes.

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Photo credit: Yuriy Tolstykh

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Originally published at on February 16, 2017.