Gnawing Desire to ‘Be Somebody’

You know the feeling. It doesn’t let you rest. You can’t sit still. You take on projects upon projects. You apply for every single job opening that remotely resembles your skills-set. You will not allow Life to pass you by. You are disrupting careers, shifts, and the workday long before it becomes a staple of the Silicon Valley lexicon.

Having stayed in that mode for now close to 15 years,I constantly scour the classifieds for job opportunities for someone/anyone I know. Even when I am gainfully employed/working for myself/consulting/studying, I religiously scan the newspapers on Sundays.

Why do I share details about my almost- ritualistic browsing of the newspaper?

This is why: when I sense reluctance to try for a new internship or mentorship by a younger individual, I am baffled. They could be a former intern of mine, a student, a sibling , or even a neighbor.

Why do they worry about everything being perfect before applying? Are we too tough when seated on the other side of the hiring desk?

Conversely, some do not let on their concerns about getting on the career path or earning an extra buck here or there.

Have we robbed the millennials of their decision-making ability? their confidence? Or are they onto something that we have completely missed?

Aside from the added advantage of healthier gastrointestinal tract, have these meditations and organic diets also brought sense of peace and ‘come-what-may’ to the general populace? Missing us Type A folks along the way?

Maybe we took the ‘Be Somebody’ mantra too far and lost who we were along the way.

Maybe for these young men and women brimming with youthful optimism and enviable metabolism, Tomorrow is just a word; what matters for them is the Present.

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