Next week becomes next week

Unless you handle the cycles that need to happen this week, they become cycles that you label as “next week” and then next week; when next week is now this week, becomes a “next week” cycle yet again which creates a constant cycle that delays the company, hurts productivity and adds work to your plate simply because cycles are not being addressed right this minute, decided on and concluded.

“You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again.” — Benjamin Franklin

This causes huge inefficiencies in companies today and is part of the reason you feel “busy” all the time. Things aren’t getting concluded as fast as new things are coming.

Think of it like a manufacturing line with boxes that are coming down the line to be stamped with a label and taken off the conveyor belt. If you just touched each box but delayed putting the label on and left it on the belt, it would create a bottleneck down the line resulting in total confusion and more work for everyone.

If you play your role and tackle each item as it comes and when it comes to handle it, decide and take action and then move on to what’s next, you’ll end up doing significantly better mentally and you’ll get significantly more done.

Procrastination is not a desirable trait in business. Force yourself to address each item on the spot and work to handle things within the constraint of the 5 days in each given week. Next week will have all new cycles for you to handle so if you let work that needs to be done this week roll into next week, you start building yourself a mountain of work that’s nearly impossible to overcome.

It’s amazing how much you can get done if you focus on working within the constraints of this week and not letting anything roll into an endless pattern of “next week”.

You’ll end up feeling less stressed, less mentally clogged or overwhelmed and an increased level of sanity as it relates to your workload.

— Robert

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