When being right is wrong

What’s the point in being right if it’s fundamentally wrong?

People like to be right but there’s no point in being right if it’s wrong.

Enforcing an action or proving you’re “right” if it delays servicing a customer is wrong.

In other words, you’re right but you’re wrong.

Being “right” doesn’t make any sense if it delays a customer or makes an outcome worse. Being “right” is actually “wrong” if a customer is delayed or suffers. Being right is wrong if any given outcome is not made better.

That’s where the value of being right is limited and dependent on the overall outcome.

My dad used to say — “if you’re crossing the street, the light says walk, so you do but a car hits you because you didn’t look, you’re right but you’re dead so being right has no value. You need to right and correct.”

In other words, don’t be a jackass. Who gives a damn if you’re right if the outcome is not better for all. Does being right make the situation better or worse? If worse, is it right?

Being right serves no purpose if the ultimate outcome is something that isn’t better, doesn’t help, doesn’t improve the condition or outcome. Being right loses value and oddly right then becomes wrong.

I can’t understand the value and insatiable desire people have to be right when it’s so often wrong.

Use your good judgement. Assess situations based on positive outcomes or enhancing the overall condition. If what you’re doing makes things better for those involved or the situation, it’s most likely right and correct but if it’s not an improvement for the given situation — then being right has no value and becomes wrong.

Don’t let your ego commodore your actions because being “right” feels good for you — it’s a pointless activity if it only serves you.

Be right for the situation or environment and ensure that being right is actually correct. That’s the only “right” that matters.

— Robert

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