Blockchain Developer Learning Resources

I share these resources for developers who want to learn more about how blockchains work technically and how to develop with them.

Getting started

First and foremost, read the Bitcoin whitepaper. It’s only 9 pages and is a must intro into the space.

Mastering Bitcoin 2nd Edition — Programming the Open Blockchain, by Andreas M. Antonopoulos is the bible book of blockchain. This is a MUST read for anyone new or old to the space. The book was written collaboratively on Github and is available for free. You can also buy the book to support the author.

Mastering Ethereum, by Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Gavin Wood is the same style book as the above but for Ethereum. This is also set to be one of the bible books of blockchain v2.

Blockchain Demo is an excellent set of two videos and web application that you can use to understand the blockchain.

More general resources

Blockgeeks is a learning portal that offers technical online blockchain courses. I have not done the courses but the blogs are technical and informative.

Ivan on Tech is a YouTube channel where Ivan explains in a digestible was different blockchain technologies. A good subscription.

Epicenter is a YouTube channel posting weekly podcasts with guests from blockchain projects all over. It has become a fairly well know channel

Coinmonks is a technical Medium blog filled with lots of great resources for developers. Follow to get updates.


Bitcoin Developers Guide is a readthedocs, a great additional resource to the Mastering Bitcoin book if you decide to code on Bitcoin or any Bitcoin-like script.


Solidity documentation is a good readthedocs to understand the primary language used to write contracts.

Consensys Best Practices is a list of guidelines around writing good contracts.

The Open Zeppelin repository is a set of standard contracts used by many.

The Kauri platform shares technical resources and articles and supports community learning.

Hyperledger Fabric

Fabric documentation is the go-to readthedocs to start to understand how to use the prominent enterprise blockchain framework.

I cannot stress how important enterprise blockchain will be in the future. The crypto space is the wild west at the moment and fun to work. On the other hand, practical and important solutions can and are being developed now with enterprise blockchain software.

Wallet of Choice

Understanding blockchain means understanding a wallet.

Jaxx is a mostly open source multi-crypto wallet which allows you to keep full control of your private key. They have apps for most operating systems.

I also recommend reviewing how the BIP39 standard works to understand wallets better. Ian Colemen’s website is a nice intro page to show how it works with link to the specification.

The rabbit hole gets really deep really fast after you understand the basics and the next step is less about coding and more about design and understanding. Designing blockchain applications requires real understanding of the why use a blockchain. I suggest that you get into researching projects, read white papers of projects that you see others liking and follow prominent technical thought leaders in the space on Twitter.

My last tip is to never use Facebook or social media ads as a source of truth. Also be wary of anyone who is not very technical advising you that a project is worthwhile. The blockchain space is in its infancy still, and is under rapid evolution. On technical matters, trust developers the most!