Work. Resist. Sleep. Repeat.

We know your day-to-day is packed with work, family, bills, the pesky need to eat, get dressed, and maybe even sleep! That’s why we’re creating some tools to help you resist while making sure you don’t burn out. This past week had all of our heads spinning! We know it’s tough to keep up the fight on a daily basis, so below are three ways you can balance work, sleep, and resistance — whether it’s talking directly to your representative, supporting our immigrant communities, or taking a second for #selfcare.

Congress is on RECESS! But that doesn’t mean it’s play time. What it does mean is that your Representative and Senators are traveling back to your home state, and will be holding town halls to talk to YOU. Has your Representative been leading the resistance? Great! Show up to thank her! Or have they fallen in line with the racism, misogyny and homophobia of Trump? Then it’s time to protest and make your voice heard!

Find a town hall or in-state event near you. Need help with what to say? Here’s a helpful guide to get you up to speed.

Find A Townhall & Read Our Guide

There’s a place at the table for everyone! Sanctuary Restaurants are restaurants that have vowed to protect their immigrant workforce. They’re standing up to Trump’s threats, harassment, and calls for deportation. Help support them, and recognize the contributions of immigrants, refugees, and people of all backgrounds.

Take Action

(3) Watch some fun TV! #SelfCare

Try out an episode of ‘Brown Girls’ and make room for joy. Fatima Asghar, creator of the new web series, wants her show to be a safe space for joy.”

Take Care

Turn up, take care and don’t forget to #WorkResistSleepRepeat.