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What is necessary to get higher proficiency of English? — detailed version

This time, the main subject of this article is the following.

And the outline of this article was created from the following episode of my podcast.

1. Conclusion: Necessary things

1.1. Time
1.2. Money

2. Details of the proficiency:

2.1. Countries which are good at English language

You can check out the above-mentioned countries in the following website.

1) Examples of ones with higher proficiencies:
- European countries (e.g. Germany), Singapore, Republic of South Africa
2) The ones written above were those in 2021.
3) Features of the website
3–1) Five levels are set to measure the proficiency of English language.
- The levels: Very high, High, Moderate, Low, Very low
- Reference: Japan is “Low”.
3–2) Those of highest ranks are displayed in the column “Very high proficiency”.

2.2. Languages closer to English

1) Some countries using closer languages (or Indo-european ones) to English have lower proficiencies of English language than Japan does.
2) Possible reasons of the lower proficiencies
2–1) The local people are not so serious as to study English.
2–2) The local people don’t have affordable amounts of money to study English (Meaning: Buying text books, or other types of educational resources, and getting accesses to English teachers need money).
2–3) The local people are too busy, for example, in working to spare time for studying English.

3. What is inferred from the proficiency of each country

3.1. Linguistic distances are NOT so related to the proficiency of English language

1) Smaller countries may have to depend on international tradings. Because they have small domestic demands. Which is why, they need English.
2) On the other hand, people in huge countries don’t find studying English necessary. Which is why, there are some discrepancies of the proficiency in the countries using the same languages.
3) Examples
3–1) Switzerland (smaller one) and Germany (larger one), which use the same language “German”.
- Greek is ranked between Switzerland and Germany in 2021 in the website embedded above.
3–2) Spain (not so small one) and some Latin American countries (combining all of these, larger one as a group).
- Spanish language is not so far away from English language as Japanese one. Japanese people whose mother tongues are Japanese have higher proficiencies than those in some Latin American countries.
3–3) Belgium (smaller one) and France (larger one).

3.2. Based on what is written above, it is unnatural that you have lower proficiencies of English language if you have time and money. If you don’t have any of them, you should spare or get them whatever manner you use.

1) In the perspective of time and money
- Time: Necessary to spend for studying English.
- Money: Necessary to purchase books to study English.
2) The difficulty of English
English is not so difficult, unless you have problems in the uses of your own mother tongues.

The following is the video version of this post and the episode of podcast embedded above.
If you would like to listen, in addition to reading, please check this out.

That’s it.

Thank you very much for reading.

1. The following is a content covering foreign languages including English.



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