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2021 — Week 2: Does Work Have to be Hard?

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Dear readers of Work Today,

I’ve observed something: For many, the effect of the holidays has already disappeared only two weeks into the year. Work routines have this power to take away the feelings of rest and calm.

It might be the rat race or a personal ambition that can exhaust us, yet many are trying to build a better work-life. This week’s contributions and picks are reflecting those attempts.

Considering that I only started this publication a few weeks ago, I’m incredibly thrilled that there seems to be an interest in the ideas and contributions on Work Today. In the last 30 days, readers spent more than 10,800 minutes reading the stories here.

I would like to thank the contributors and readers for the work and the engagement.

Now, let’s look into the ideas and stories Work Today’s writers shared this week:

  1. Wang Yip examines how important it is to have the right mindset about work: “Is Your Career a Trip or a Quest?
  2. Mark Wormgoor provides practical insights about how to make your ideas happen: “How to Complement Vision With Stellar Execution
  3. Victoria A. Fraser is sharing valuable insights on how to score a new client as a freelancer: “No, Seriously, Where Do Freelancers Find their First Clients?
  4. Marcos Gonçalves criticizes that most of remote work only scratches on the surface and could be a lot better: “This is NOT remote work
  5. Jack Turner, MBA proves that companies could afford to allow their employees to work less and still thrive: “A Four-Day Work Week With No Loss in Pay Is Affordable for Most Firms
  6. Sylvia L. InThoughtful explains why some popular questions are useless in job interviews — and what to ask instead: “Common Interview Questions Recruiters Should Stop Asking
  7. I went a little bit on the macro level and ended up fairly critical about new work platforms for micro gigs and freelancing: “What the Rise of Freelancing Platforms Tells About the Job Market

Outside of Work Today

As every week, I’ve been reading smart ideas on work and would love to share them with you:

  1. The New York Times writer Jessica Grose raises the question if Zoom questions make us fear more judgement: “Is Remote Work Making Us Paranoid?
  2. Jessica Donahue, PHR stresses the importance of social space during the remote work era: “3 Ways Leaders Can Facilitate Social Opportunities While Working Remotely
  3. Ted Bauer knows why work exhausts us — and how we could make it better: “Work sucks. But does it have to?”
  4. Marta Brzosko shares some advice on becoming happier at work — even without a new position: “How to Be Happier at Work Without Changing Your Job
  5. Adrien Burch, PhD reminds us all why we should take those walks outside: “Feeling tired and unproductive? It might be CO₂

Clearly, work is one of the defining factors in our lives as it determines how much money, time and headspace we have. And many of us are struggling with a difficult work environment as routines and traditions change slowly. But I’m glad that there are so many bright writers who share their insights on how to make work-life better. I’m looking forward to new ideas and contributions!

All best, Alice



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