Look for the “magic pill”

We’re not selling stuff. We’re on a mission to create the ‘New Way of Work’.

This post was an internal paper about ‘why we do what we do’ sent to our crew members in summer 2015. Since we believe in sharing our ideas we decided to also share this with clients, partners, friends or anyone who would like to know what we are up to.

As founders we’ve made our own experience how critical a solid operation can be for the success and the growth speed of a business. When we hit 100 people at my last company we were glad to rely on fast internal communications tools, that were far more superior than just sending emails and working with static documents. We’ve started implementing that tool architecture when we were a team of 10 people only, because we knew that it would be harder to change the way people work once the company was bigger. And we also knew that we wanted to work with tools, which are fun to use on a daily basis.

“Some 80% of your life is spent working. You want to have fun at home; why shouldn’t you have fun at work?” — Sir Richard Branson

Dealing with overflowing mailboxes, non searchable archives on local servers, VPN clients while travelling, is such a poor user experience but still everyday life in many businesses. Since we are used to simpler, faster and more fun ways of communication in our private lifes, our admins frequently freak out about confidential business infomation being sent via unsecured channels — it’s simply not as complicated as using the existing, super secure but nasty tools. Another extreme occurs when a company grows fast. More and more tools are added for internal communication, CRM, project management or file transfer. Skype, Mail, Trello, Slack you name it. It’s not uncommon that we count 30+ tools in a company of only 15 people.

But group communication is far more crucial for scale today than it was before. We live in the century when speed is a major resource as well as being able to find important information within seconds like we know it from the web. But searching an old presentation or paper througout the endless file archives can cause a headache and a very bad end of the workweek. The same is true for communication within a team. The faster you can connect teams without missunderstanings the better you will be able to outperform your competition. It’s like an engine that runs smooth and reliable.

Thanks to companies like Salesforce, Amazon or Google the “Cloud” has evolved from a crazy idea to a reliable software and tool infrastructure that not only millions of companies use today but also many IT departments cannot beat in terms of security, data compliance and most importantly: performance. Additionally thanks to tools like Whatsapp, Hipchat or Slack the term “group communication” is finally a term that people are aware of. There are simply better ways than just sending Word documents to a company mailing list. And finally we are used to work mobile and across multiple devices more than ever before and cannot understand that our company tools cannot keep up with that.

So there is a need to change the way we work and find better ways together with our IT departments to build what we call the “Future of Work”. This of course includes scalable as well as fun to work with infrastructure without compromising on IT security or compliance, but also tools that help users/employees to communicate faster and more efficiently in order for the leader to run and grow the company without heaving a ‘heart attack’.

That’s why it is our job to support making that transition by identifying, implementing and leveraging the best cloud tools for them. There are just too many tools and too many providers that it’s almost impossible to keep up to date. The setup is easy, but building a cloud tool architechture that can scale from 5 to 100+ employees and works across different timezones and countries, needs effort.

Teams that partner with us to transform their way of working, will experience a major shift in how communication happens, how information is organized, how time is spent and how people collaborate with more fun in a much more intense level. We call this super-productive, transparent and scalable work environment a „heart attack free“ work environment - less misunderstandings, less inefficiency and with all information just one search away.

That’s what we do every day. We show them the impact of this new way of working, help them cleaning up the tool architecture and support the transformational process that will create the new work environment. We do not just sell cloud licences or monthly service agreements. We make an impact on how their teams work and perform. We sell less mail overflow and data archive madness. We sell a workspace where your coworker is just one click away. We sell a way to shift towards the “Future of Work” before the competition gets ahead.

“We save people up to 2 hours a day at work that they can be used for more important stuff.”

What do we exactly achieve for our clients:

  1. Scalable operations that helps them run and grow their company smoothly and reliable
  2. A shift towards faster communication flows that supercharges the team productivity
  3. Less stress through less misunderstandings through better communication channels
  4. Shared knowledge that is “searchable” within seconds and accessible to the entire company
  5. Better secured cloud architecture from leading cloud technology players but implemented and curated from a single source

Since we’ve made this experience on our own we always put ourselves in our customers perspective and rely on analytics tools to develop a deep understanding for their communication and information flow. We are at the heart of what’s new. We’re constantly reviewing new tools and methods to be able to leverage these for our clients. We’ve curated, implemented and still run thousands of cloud accounts in all kinds of industries such as fintech, ecommerce, advertising, media or gastronomy what helps us to build a better understanding for everyone’s individual needs.

We do not know today what Blackboat will look like in 5 years from now. But what we aim for is a major impact on how people collaborate and communicate in the future. We know that is a fairly large goal but we also know that the goal is always the first step to deliver incredible useful services and build an outperforming company.

Update Jan 2016: Learn more about the impact that the cloud has on every business. The team behind Bettercloud and Dave Politis has recently published a The State of Cloud IT Report based on sources like Gartner, PwC, Google, Microsoft and 1,500 IT professionals.