Workbase joins Hightouch to accelerate Data Activation for Product Led Growth

Workbase was founded to help B2B GTM teams leverage their data warehouse to send alerts, create leads, and add contacts to campaigns.

We saw a world where channels like Product-Led Growth would mean that RevOps & BizTech teams needed an intuitive, simple way to activate their Modern Data Stack.

We sincerely thank the 400+ users who have created workbooks on Workbase, syncing more than 1B records of data a day.

While this vision of the future is still exciting, over the past two years it’s become clear that the market is still evolving. There are many GTM heroes who can engage with data, yet, organizationally those heroes are stretched for time and aren’t consistently staffed with the resources they need.

Enter Hightouch

Hightouch is the leading data activation platform. When we were approached by Tejas (Co-Founder and Co-CEO), we immediately felt an alignment in vision, product philosophy, and culture.

Hightough helps companies activate the data in their Modern Data Stack. How do you drive business value from the investments you’ve made in a data warehouse?

While initially they’ve been primarily focused on selling into Data teams, they’re increasingly building out applications on their platform for GTM teams like marketers and sales, like Audiences.

The team has built a platform that customers love, which we heard first-hand in the market. We’re excited to be part of that journey.

Thank You

Ed and I sincerely thank our early customers and adopters who trusted us with their workflow needs. You’ve launched many use cases that have motivated and excited us. The stage & direction of the market makes it much easier for us to continue serving this need as part of a larger team with more resources.

We’d also like to thank our investors and team who took a leap of faith in building out this vision. We are excited to continue this mission as part of the Hightouch team.



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