Advisor Announcement: Experienced Technologist Joins

Experienced technologist and Chief Technology Officer of MVP Workshop, Malisa Pusonja, has joined the advisory team.

Malisa has a long history in the technology world, with a particular focus on the fast-growing blockchain sector. MVP Workshop, where Malisa is CTO, is one of Europe’s leading blockchain solution providers.

As a CTO, Malisa builds robust blockchain networks, connecting various segments of the blockchain community with each other, as well as the outside world. He’s also involved with managing current cryptocurrency and ICOs operations and overseeing blockchain architecture development for future networks, product and company expansion.

Prior to taking on the CTO role, Malisa acted as Head of Research and Development at MVP Workshop team, dealing with wide range of Blockchain projects, including the successful $50m crowdsale for Celsius Network. This time also included blockchain network design, smart contract proof of concept, and Dapp and ICO development.

On joining, Malisa said blockchain technology is bringing about a new era of decentralized salary payments.

“We live in an exciting era where we can create more transparent and efficient systems. The workPAY dapp uses the right system architecture to provide real-time payroll and an improved model to create verified work history. Basically, this decentralized model will help workers to get paid immediately for their effort.”

Malisa’s rise to CTO and a sought-after blockchain advisor, follows a successful career as a lead developer and multiple tenures as a director of engineering. During his time as part of the engineering team at Devana Labs, he built Lemon e-mail, the world’s first encrypted and decentralized e-mail service, using Ethereum and IPFS decentralized platforms.

Before establishing himself as a blockchain expert, Malisa spent years as a front-end and back-end full stack PHP developer. He holds a Masters in computer science (Genetic Algorithms) and Master of Philosophy and is Ph.D candidate in Philosophy (area of Analytic Philosophy), qualifications gained while working hands-on at various startups.

He also helped train the next generation of computer scientists

as a faculty member at the Faculty of Computer Science in the Department of New Software Technologies.

Malisa brings a great mixture of philosophy, data science and engineering. A combination that has made Malisa a leading blockchain R&D expert globally. We’re thrilled to have him as part of the advisory team.

Malisa’s Bio

► CTO, MVP Workshop

► Head of Research and Development, MVP Workshop

► Advisor, Review Network

► Research and Development Engineer, Devana Technologies

► Full Stack Mentor, Devana Labs

► Software Engineer, Vibe Network

► Developer, ManageWP

► Master of Philosophy, University of Belgrade

► Master of Genetic Algorithms, School of Computing, Belgrade