Advisor Announcement: Tech and Business Executive Joins is excited to appoint Technology and Business Executive Nemanja Lazic to our, now, nine-person advisory team.

Nemanja, the third of our new advisors, has spent the past 13 years as an executive and business development specialist across a wide spectrum of industries.

Over the past year, he has transferred his business development skills to the blockchain sector, quickly becoming an industry mainstay as an executive, advisor and board member.

Most recently, he has applied his corporate expertise to the blockchain sector as Director of Business Development at MVP Workshop, one of Europe’s leading blockchain solution providers.

As well as being the head of business development at MVP Workshop, Nemanja’s involvement in the blockchain scene includes roles as advisory board member of the Serbian Blockchain Initiative and as an advisor to Scriptarnica, a decentralized platform for book reading and publishing.

In taking on the advisor role, Namanja said the business model behind the technology gives a strong market position.

“I am impressed by the willingness of the team to disrupt the working economy and offer a better solution to the market. Their dedication and business model is something that already differentiates them as a company solving a real-world problem.”

Nemanja has extensive experience in the world of business, acquired through multiple positions in South East European markets and the multinational environment through his work with BMW Group and the largest regional BPO provider. His time with BMW Group includes the role of Chief Executive Officer of BMW Importership in Serbia and Montenegro.

After spending five years as Marketing and Sales Director at BMW Group and Regional FMCG industry leader, Nemanja has mastered the art of developing and executing effective marketing and sales strategies, as well as communicating company purpose. He’s a creative strategist with an eye for innovation, capable of building and developing a business from planning to execution.

He’s skilled in building strong teams and helping them achieve their highest potential. His mission is to search and create services and products which will reshape the world as we know it — exactly what he see in blockchain technology.

We have taken the view to not only fill our advisory team with blockchain and technology experts, but professionals like Nemanja who are experienced in developing businesses across different industries. Advisors who can bring extensive business knowledge that we can apply to the all-important development of as a business.

Nemanja’s Bio

► Director for Business Development, MVP Workshop

► Advisory Board Member, Serbian Blockchain Initiative

► Advisor, Scriptarnica

► Chief Development Officer, Trizma

► Member Board Of Directors, Trizma

► Managing Director, BMW Group

► Director of Sales and Marketing, BMW Group

► Chief Executive Officer, Delta Auto

► Member Board of Directors, Delta Holding

► Marketing Director, INVEJ holding