Advisor Announcement: Tech CEO with $600m Blockchain History Joins Advisory Team

We continue to fill our advisory team with leading industry minds, and our newest addition is Ivan Bjelajac, Chief Executive Officer at MVP Workshop, one of Europe’s leading blockchain solution providers.

Ivan has been a part of the tech industry for 17 years as an engineer, executive and founder. This almost two decades of experience features the growing of four startup companies, three of which had successful exits totaling more than $23 million.

Turning his tech expertise to the rapidly emerging blockchain industry in recent years, Ivan has consulted or delivered research and development for blockchain projects with, at the time of writing, around $600m in total market cap.

This more than half a billion-dollar blockchain history includes the execution a $50 million ICO for Celsius Network. With the funds raised, Ivan and his team at MVP Workshop are now helping build the Celsius Network, which aims to disrupt consumer lending globally.

Ivan said’s mission to transform the billion-dollar payroll industry is what drew him to the advisory role.

“ is a team of proven professionals who are focused on building a real-world product and innovating the payroll process.
The tokenization of the work economy will help create more reliable data and efficient payments. I truly believe in this project and I’m glad to be involved in pushing the team in the right direction so they can deliver the best possible solution.”

Like he has done several times in the past, Ivan has a central role in building the “tokenomics” of the network. That is, how the platform’s membership utility tokens — WATT Tokens — are used to build a token-powered ecosystem. This includes the use of tokens to access the platform, power transactions, cover fees and act as an incentive for users performing work.

Ivan’s experience building efficient, vibrant and viable token models is as good as anyone’s in the blockchain industry. As clearly seen in the $600m worth of projects he’s been involved with.

MVP Workshop, the company Ivan has led since 2017, specializes in decentralized business models, tokenization of assets and research and product development. The company helps startups validate and develop their product by focusing on customer development using “minimum viable product” strategies.

Ivan’s rise to CEO of MVP Workshop comes after time in executive roles and multiple other technology companies, including GoDaddy.

As a highly respected blockchain expert, he also acts as a current advisor to blockchain companies Review.Network, Lemon.mail and Celsius Network. He is also the co-founder of MVP Workshops’ own blockchain company, Scriptarnica, a decentralized platform for reading, writing, publishing, selling, buying e-books.

As President Serbian Blockchain Initiative and Board Member Serbian Venture Network, Ivan is heavily involved in the growth and expansion of Europe’s startup industry. He is currently finishing an Executive MBA degree and working on a number of cutting-edge projects that implement blockchain solutions in a wide range of industries.

Ivan, and his team at MVP Workshop, focus on building great products. Exactly what we’re doing at His experience with some of the blockchain industry’s most successful networks, as well as his close to two decades in the tech scene, will be central to our product development, go-to-market strategy and future growth.

Ivan’s Bio

► Chief Executive Officer, MVP Workshop

► Chief Executive Officer, Devana Technologies

► President, Serbian Blockchain Initiative

► Board Member, Serbian Venture Network (Seven)

► Token Economy Advisor, Review Network

► Co-Founder & Token Economy Advisor, Scriptarnica

► Advisor, Lemon.mail

► Advisor, Celsius Network

► Chief Operations Officer, Devana Technologies

► Operating Director, GoDaddy

► Chief Operations Officer, ManageWP, LLC

► Head of Customer Experience, Devana Technologies

► Chief Executive Officer, CyberNet Technology

► CDN Support Engineer, NetDNA, LLC

► Support Engineer, Firstserv

► Technical Manager, Alvihost