ADVISOR ANNOUNCEMENT: Welcomes experienced tech executive David Charron

Ryan Paul Fyfe
Aug 2, 2018 · 3 min read
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We’re thrilled to announce the second member of our advisory board, .

David is a Silicon Valley tech executive, entrepreneur, coach and investor who’s spent decades in the tech world building companies that have served millions of people globally.

Deeply rooted in the tech industry since the pre-dotcom era, David brings valuable hands-on knowledge of the HR, technology and business worlds to His experience spans corporate strategy, marketing, business development, mergers and acquisitions and investor funding.

David cut his teeth in sales before moving into the tech world and Silicon Valley and has spent the past six years at the intersection of tech and HR as VP of Business Development and Partnerships at

From startup phase to large scale enterprises, David’s experienced the full company growth cycle. He’s been involved in two successful exits along the way, including Superpages, a company he helped grow from $200 million to $440 million in revenue before acquisition by Bain Capital and the Yellow Pages Group.

Having seen just about every tech evolution and trend during twenty years in the industry, David is well-aware of the seismic shift that’s currently underway because of blockchain technology.

“The blockchain world is changing so fast. It’s exciting to see what will happen two, six, 12 months from now because there’s going to be a big paradigm shift,” David said.

“Taking away the middleman is where I see the market going. Removing any process that doesn’t add value to find the leanest possible way to get product to market.”

Like all of us at, David views the marriage of blockchain and HR as a natural fit — and a hugely transformational coupling.

“Payments, identity and HR seems such natural of a fit with blockchain. In the case of HR and workforce management, identity and payroll are huge areas primed for disruption and optimization. Other than currency, I can’t imagine an industry that blockchain will have bigger implications for than HR because everyone has to manage HR in their business,” David said.

“What is envisaging will redefine what the model looks like between employer and employee. It is taking the next big step for authentication and making it a seamless process of transferring capital between an employer and employee.”

Having served as at executive level at multiple tech companies and board director, David’s represented companies in dealings with tech behemoths like Google and Tesla. His addition to our Advisory Board further adds to the experience and expertise of the team behind

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned over the journey is to not wait for stuff to happen: be the driver to make it happen. And that’s what the team is doing,” David said

Operationally, we’ll draw on David in his advisory role for developing our product and business. In particular his expertise in building strategic partnerships for rapid adoption and reaching critical mass.

Good to have you aboard, David!

David’s Bio

► Vice President Business Development and Partnerships —, Inc. and ShiftPlanning Inc.

► Vice President Sales and Investor — Clio Legal Practice Management Software.

► VP Business Development — Canpages Inc.

► Vice-President General Manager — ImmersiFind.

► Maine Today Media — Member Board of Directors

► VP Marketing & Business Development — Hcareers (Hospitality Careers Online)

► Executive — Superpages

The Blockchain Solution for the Future of Payroll

Ryan Paul Fyfe

Written by

Co-Founder and CEO @ - The Blockchain solution for the future of Payroll | Founder and Chairman (Former CEO) at @

The Blockchain Solution for the Future of Payroll

Ryan Paul Fyfe

Written by

Co-Founder and CEO @ - The Blockchain solution for the future of Payroll | Founder and Chairman (Former CEO) at @

The Blockchain Solution for the Future of Payroll

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