Investment Banker and Cryptocurrency Authority Joins Advisory Team

We’re excited to add yet another high caliber advisor to our team, Martin Lamb, an investment banker turned cryptocurrency and blockchain authority.

Martin has spent the past 30 years as an investment banker, working in Canada, USA, Latin America and Europe. More recently, in 2013, he expanded the focus of his expertise to cryptocurrency, marrying the traditional financial business and blockchain worlds.

Prior to arriving at the intersection of traditional finance and crypto industries, Martin led financing and IPOs for oil and gas companies in Canada, before working in similar industries in Russia and Venezuela.

In 2005, Martin moved to Panama, switching his focus to property as part of the region’s real estate boom. After a successful stint in property, Martin returned his attention to taxation and banking, working with banks around the world with billions of dollars in holdings, as well as major cryptocurrency industry figures.

With five years in the blockhain and cryptocurrency sector, Martin’s ability to bridge the divide between fiat and crypto has made him a sought-after expert, advisor and consultant to both large banks and blockchain projects.

When it comes to his involvement in cryptocurrency projects, he’s highly selective due to a belief most lack a realistic technological foundation or the team to pull it off, working only with those with a proven track record in business or established success in cryptocurrency.

On joining the advisory team, Martin said:

“l was introduced to blockchain and cryptocurrency in 2013. In my opinion, this technology will cause — and is already causing — a monumental change to the very concept of traditional financial models. It will be a gamechanger. As influential as the telephone and internet on business.
“The method of payment brings is very much needed. Especially as we see the working world change. As people increasingly hold more than one position and get paid by more than one employer.
“The past performance and success of the team sets a strong base for success. It’s this trust in the team and the real need for the technology they’re building that led me to come on board as an advisor.”

Martin’s experience across multiple sectors on a global level will be significant to his role as advisor. In particular, his deep understanding of traditional finance, banking and cryptocurrency industries — each of which touches with our ambition to create the future of payroll.

As we roll out real-time payroll and, in future, fairer, low-cost microlending, we’ll draw on Martin’s fiat and crypto expertise, as well as his 30 years of traditional banking experience. It will help us navigate the world’s financial industries and build a financial structure at that sets us up for long-term viability and success.

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